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Serving Others

31 Merry Christmas Gifts of Love and Service

Hustle and bustle … bells ringing … trees to trim … cookies to bake … gifts to buy?  Or should new traditions be born this year? Why not try something…

An Attitude We Excuse That Is Inexcusable

I need my me time. I deserve to be happy. I should treat myself. I have my rights. I should get to do what I want, when I want. Have…

Landmark Moments

There have been experiences in my life that I consider to be “landmark moments.” They are significant experiences that impacted me and caused me to vow to never forget them….

Appreciate Your Pastor? Yes or No?

I have been hearing about many celebratory days recently. In the last couple of weeks, I have heard about National Pancake Day, National Doughnut Day, Cow Appreciation Day, and the…

I’m Passionate About Teaching My Children . . . Service to Others

Last week my children and I were visiting the doctor in a questionable part of town. (This doctor believes in caring for inner-city kids, which I love!) We were in…

What would bless a single mom?

Sue Birdseye, mother of five, let’s us know real quick, how we can bless a single mom!

Let No Ivy Take Root

by Kim Chaffin Last night at Bible study we were talking about spiritual battle and a young mom in our group gave a great analogy of what can happen when we…

Routine to Radical – Inspiring Our Kids

How can you encourage your kids to go from Routine to Radical? Start small and let them have a win, before you try something bigger.

Routine To Radical

We humans can be such creatures of habit. I think habit may just be where we feel safest. Safe is good.  However, as I look at the life of Jesus…

What is Your Value, Mom?

Recently I saw a book entitled something like “The Best Couples Die Rich.” Really? Is that the goal? To chase the wind and die trying to hold it? To end…


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