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Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer has an M.S. in Communications Disorders, which served her well in her professional career as a speech-language pathologist. Never did she imagine that her education and career were God’s way of preparing her to be a mom to her own daughter with autism. Today, she enjoys reaching out to other families who face similar diagnoses. As a cancer survivor, carpet-cleaning veteran, and originator of the “Messy House Ministry,” Jennifer feels blessed to share joy, peace, and humor with others facing life’s challenges. She and her IT genius husband Brandon have been married since 1998.

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Scratches on the Dining Table

This is a tale of two tables. A friend of mine has a unique dining table. It’s round with raised stools and has an interesting pattern etched into its surface….

Overcoming Negative Thinking, Rejection And Insecurity – Part 3

{Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of Jennifer’s series, where previously she shares her personal struggle with negative thinking (Part 1), rejection (Part 2) and here, her struggle with insecurity. We…

Overcoming Negative Thinking, Rejection And Insecurity – Part 2

{Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of Jennifer’s series, where she shares in Part 1 her personal struggle with negative thinking, here rejection and in Part 3 her struggle with…

Overcoming Negative Thinking, Rejection And Insecurity

{Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of Jennifer’s series, where she shares her personal struggle with negative thinking, rejection (Part 2) and insecurity (Part 3). We hope Jennifer’s willingness to share candidly…

Her Death Revealed Love

Tassie’s journey on this world spanned almost 94 years, a pretty good number if you ask most of us. Her life was full of ups and downs (and plenty of…

Praying With And Talking To Your Kids

In the early days when my girls were in preschool and kindergarten, endless car rides loomed in front of us. Day after day, we repeated the same routine on the…

COVID-19 Finding Hope in the Midst of the Coronavirus Chaos

As I write this post the world is in turmoil. The COVID-19 virus has reached almost the entire earth. By the time this menacing virus is finished making it’s rounds,…

What I Gained By Giving Up Time On Facebook

A while back I hopped on Facebook first thing in the morning, as was my usual routine numerous times a day. The routine had started innocently several years back. I…

Social Media Negativity – Stop Listening to Wrong Voices

I used to belong to this neighborhood social media site that was similar to the bigger social platforms. People nearby could post neighborhood information like lost pets and helpful information….

Decking the Halls Without Decking Your Family

The Christmas season is supposed to be about family, cherishing loved ones, and celebrating Jesus, the Light of the World coming to dwell among men and offering us hope. But…


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