An Empty Vessel: The Need for Time with God

A few minutes ago, I sank into my chair and stared at the blank computer screen. I poised my fingers over the keys and waited … and waited some more. Words failed me. I slumped back in my chair and closed my eyes. What’s the matter with me, Lord? I feel so empty.

Then I realized I felt empty because I was empty—spiritually, that is. My usual habit is to get the kids to school, which takes over an hour, then come home and spend time with God and His Word before I dive into the day’s chores. Some days I’m so exhausted the words blur together in front of my eyes, but I believe that small bit of time spent with God is the only reason I make it through each day. Today, as I sat in front of my screen, I thought back over the hectic morning. I’d charged through the door and thrown myself into my “to do” list. As I jogged past the table, I glanced at my Bible, but forgot about it a moment later.

Distractions are the plague of a mother, as everything seems so urgent, and sometimes I’m tempted to put off things like reading the Bible until later.

But later doesn’t usually come. I must be disciplined to make God my priority. Otherwise, little things pull at me all day until there is nothing left.

I remember this great visual from my youth group days. I don’t know who to credit with this idea, but it is not my own. From a table filled with an empty jar, a pitcher of water, a tray of stones, and a bag of sand, my youth leader took the empty jar and filled it full of sand. Then she poured water into it. After the jar was full, she tried to stick the large stones into the jar, yet they wouldn’t fit. She did the experiment a second time, but started with the rocks, then the sand, then the water. Even though she used the same amount of rocks and sand, they fit the second time. Her point was that when we put our priorities first, the rest seems to fall into place.

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  1. Aimee (JourneyToLearn) says:

    very inspirational post…thanks for posting it.