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Joanna Hyatt

Joanna Hyatt

Joanna Hyatt is a mom of four girls, author, international speaker, and media personality most often dialoguing on the critical issues that intersect faith, culture, politics, and the human spirit. Writer and Host of the “Dilemma Series” for Right Now Media, she podcasts and writes at, offering encouragement to other women to live their faith in a way that is culturally relevant but biblically rooted.

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Heart Check: How are your words?

The flashing blue and red lights in the rearview mirror cut me short in what was, in my mind, a well-deserved lecture for my children. On the way to Bible…

What the Church Often Gets Wrong About Sex

I recently gave you an oh-so-gentle nudge to talk to your kids about sex.   And not just once, but repeatedly, weaving it into your conversations whenever appropriate. Because “talking…

Dreading the Sex Talk With Your Kids? Read This.

What is the #1 conversation that most parents dread having with their kids?   It cuts across political affiliations, religious backgrounds, and even the age of the kids or parents….


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