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My early days with Twin A and Twin B (as the hospital called them) bring back a lot of memories, mostly vague. There wasn’t much sleep happening in those days, so the recall is a little fuzzy.

I do remember reading in a magazine at the hospital that for triplets, the number of hours required daily to care for the babies’ basic needs exceeds the number of hours in a day. And for twins, it isn’t far behind. That doesn’t even include the time you might like to spend cuddling and nurturing your babies.

So what’s a mommy of a sweet little pair to do?? The same thing I did – get help! When Twin A and Twin B arrived home, they joined three siblings, the oldest only five years old. Yeah, serious help!

Here are a few practical ways to ask for help if you have or are expecting multiples. Better yet, if you know a mother with multiples, these are ways you can bless her.

How to help a mom of multiples

1. Wash. Twice a week for several months, a friend picked up our dirty laundry and returned the last load washed and folded. It took a load off, literally!

2. Wash something else. In our case, Twin A and Twin B had several prescriptions for medical conditions, and we had to bottle feed them every three hours around the clock (like I said, not much sleep going on). It was 20+ medicine syringes and 16 bottles per day. When a friend washed syringes and bottles, we felt loved.

3. Clean. A couple from church owned a housekeeping business, and as a gift to us, they sent a housekeeper once a week to clean our floors and bathrooms until I was able to resume those tasks.

4. Give the gift of sleep. One night a mother and daughter pair came over to handle all the night feedings. My husband and I slept like rocks on the sleeper sofa. We were exhausted, and this break gave us new life! A friend could also come mid-day to let Mom take a nap.

5. Love the kids. Because our babies arrived by adoption, it was really important for me to do as much of the twins’ care as possible for the purpose of bonding. But we had several friends who came in the early afternoon to make lunch, read stories, and play with our other children. Rocking babies and changing diapers help, too.

6. Encourage and pray. Self-explanatory. Encouraging words, big hugs, and God’s strength go a long way.

Even though I’m talking about twins here, these are also really great practical ways to help any friend who is going through a hard time, be it postpartum depression, pregnancy or infant loss, illness, a struggling marriage, or challenges with a child.

Galatians 6:10 says, “So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.” (NASB)

So moms of multiples, don’t be afraid to ask for help. And friends, don’t be afraid to give it!

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