Robyn McKelvy

Robyn McKelvy

Robyn McKelvy has devoted her life to the care and building up of others. In her home, through the church her husband pastors and through years of one on one mentoring. She is the author of two books and is a sought after speaker at women’s events, marriage events, and homeschool events around the country. Robyn is the mom of seventeen children, seven in heaven and nine amazing souls here on earth who have received her full attention from the time they were born or grafted into her family. She and her husband Ray have been married since 1988 and find joy in serving others.

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The Need For Retreat!

Every day for the last month or two, I get out of bed determined to be the hands and feet of Christ and almost immediately, I turn into an enemy….

There is No Fear in Love

I’ve always been passionate. Passion for me spills over into just about everything I do. I cook with passion, trying to improve each recipe. I write with passion, about the…

The Value of a Servant Heart

Growing up in a family with 10 children, there were always chores to be done. No one was exempt from helping with chores and there were many to go around….

Our Mothers-in-Law Deserve Our Honor

I was talking with my husband the other day, and I told him we have been very blessed with the blending of our extended families. On both sides, our parents…

Free Protection for Your Children From All Devices

We are a family of many kids. Some grown and out of the nest, some in high school in the midst of cyberville, one in middle school, and even one…

The Weekend to Forget

It was about a year and a half after we married, and Ray came bouncing through the door of our home so excited about signing us up for this “marriage…

Praying for the Men in Our Lives

I waited as long as I could for Ray to come to bed but sleep overtook me. I knew it was like so many times before that one of our…

God’s Choice for Me: The #1 Hot Item!

Have you ever really wanted to buy something that was in scarce supply? One Christmas we wanted to buy the up-and-coming video gaming system for our family. My husband and…


This week I had the privilege of being inconvenienced. My entire schedule and plans were laid aside to parent another family’s seven children. The father had to go through an…

Get on the Boat!

Noah’s wife got on the boat! Think about it. Noah’s wife got on the boat! Marriage is a crazy commitment. God often asks husbands or wives to do something that…


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