Last Updated on March 11, 2024

I was talking with my husband the other day, and I told him we have been very blessed with the blending of our extended families. On both sides, our parents have readily accepted and loved us as if we were their own children. I am truly grateful!

But I want to just take a minute and honor a woman who has been by my side through all 26 years of my marriage. She has been my biggest fan and has never tried to undermine me as a wife or parent. She told my husband that she “couldn’t have handpicked a better woman for him” long before I knew what it was to be a wife or a mother. She has been there with tears through every birth and miscarriage, traveling to be by my side many times. She was there at the death of my own mother, kissing my cheek as I walked up to say goodbye.

This is a woman who at 15 found herself pregnant and at 16 birthed a premature baby boy, raising him for many years as a single mom, not perfectly, but fighting every day to.

I think it’s time to honor our mothers-in-law.

I want us to let everyone around us know that we love her. No matter how perfect or imperfect she has been, we praise her for giving of herself to nurture and care for our husbands. Through each situation, good or bad, our mothers-in-law have played a vital role in making our husbands the men that they are today.

Here’s to you, Jeffie B. Harrison, you are truly my friend.

Take a moment to tell us the name of your mother-in-law and one word to honor her! GO!

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  1. Stephanie King says:

    Here’s to Mary Alice Randolph!! Virtuous (raising 4 little ones as a single mom – all who love the Lord)! Proverbs 31:28 & 30!! Mom Mary, thank you for MY KING!!

  2. Joy McClain says:

    my Mom-in-law Ruby “giving”

  3. says:

    TRUE VINE!!! In honor of Sister Virginia Pursley!!

  4. I was just talking to my husband last night about how much his mom, Vicki, blesses me. What a gift a godly supportive mother-in-law is. Now to write her a letter.

  5. My mother-in-love was Elizabeth Viola Cooper Carter. My word for her would be helpful. She was always there for us in whatever manner she thought best. I honor her every time I am helpful.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Her name is Dorothy (Dot) and she is persistent, not giving up easily.