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Overcoming Negative Thinking, Rejection And Insecurity – Part 3

{Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of Jennifer’s series, where previously she shares her personal struggle with negative thinking (Part 1), rejection (Part 2) and here, her struggle with insecurity. We…

Overcoming Negative Thinking, Rejection And Insecurity

{Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of Jennifer’s series, where she shares her personal struggle with negative thinking, rejection (Part 2) and insecurity (Part 3). We hope Jennifer’s willingness to share candidly…

Five Ways to Draw Your Little One Closer to God

We all want to raise good kids.  We want our children to be kind and compassionate, loving and forgiving. How in the world do we teach them these things???  From my…

The Need For Retreat!

Every day for the last month or two, I get out of bed determined to be the hands and feet of Christ and almost immediately, I turn into an enemy….

Taking Care of Mom: Letting God’s Word Renovate Our Hearts

A few weeks ago, I helped my sister get her house ready for a remodel. She ordered a storage container and we packed every…single…cabinet, drawer, and closet in her house….

A Thanksgiving Tip from Nicole Eunice

Part bible teacher, part community organizer, part busy mom–Nicole Eunice has the uncanny ability to relate to people in all ages and stages of life with her “keeping it real”…

Routine to Radical – with Nicole Unice

Can you find 5 minutes today just to be still? Find out more about Nicole on her website.

Spring Break Nearly Broke Me — Traveling with a Special Needs Child

Since the birth of Rachel and her subsequent diagnosis with autism, vacations have taken on a new meaning. Traveling with children always resembles a circus with the parade of blankies and…


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