Fun Surprise Activity for Families

Last Updated on March 20, 2018

A Surprise ride

Have you ever heard of a “Surprise Ride”?

Here’s what you do: Moms, put your heads together with Dad (or if necessary, do it yourself). Sometime, whenever, be it a weeknight evening or a Saturday afternoon, say, “You know, I think tonight’s a good night for an ice cream run,” or “I think tonight maybe we ought to just go and play at the park for a little while.”

Then, when you’ve decided, just yell out, “Surprise ride!”

And “Surprise ride,” means they have about 60 seconds to stop whatever they’re doing and jump in the car.  They don’t know where they’re going—they just know it’s going to be fun with the family!

Now, this works with most kids. But sometimes there are children that don’t like surprises—they need to know in advance if something is happening so they can anticipate it to enjoy it fully. If you have a child like this, consider giving them a little warning. Perhaps make some general statement at the dinner table how ice cream sounds really good tonight. Or ask that child if they would be okay going out tonight. If subtlety doesn’t work, think about taking them aside and letting them know something fun will happen tonight. Just make sure they won’t spoil it for the siblings who like surprises!

Here are a few ideas:

•   Go out for ice cream.
•   Go to the park. (Don’t forget your flashlights!)
•   Go outside to gaze at stars.
•   Go out to buy a watermelon.
•   Go out for a movie at the dollar theater.

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  1. This would be a great idea to use to work on productive uncertainty with children with autism . Thanks !