Last Updated on July 20, 2012

Summer was always my favorite season because it offered me time to read. My love for books propelled me into the world of writing. As a burgeoning fiction writer, I’ve been making my way through the Young Adult (YA) section at the library and bookstore. I thought the YA classification meant the books would be somewhat tamer than other areas of published fiction. While there are many wonderful stories and adventures in the YA section, I have to tell you I’ve been shocked at what else I’ve found.

Occult rituals, deity worship, overt sensual imagery, explicit sexual content, profanity, evolution doctrine, negative portrayals of church and Christianity. All this and more can be found among the pages of popular YA novels. In fact, there have been times I’ve checked the back of the book just to make sure it wasn’t put on the wrong shelf, but in all cases, it was indeed classified YA.

Books can provide a great open door for discussion on all manners of topics. However, I would caution parents to read along with their kids. Just like with movies, I don’t think age ratings are always a good judge of what lies beneath.

All that being said, I’d like to recommend, a website that includes a booklist for great Christian reads, especially in the speculative fiction genre (this includes fantasy, science fiction, time travel, “chillers”, thrillers, spiritual warfare, speculative, alternate history, and more). Some of the listed authors also have books printed in other genres, as well. Check it out. This website is run by Jeff Gerke, a writer and editor who has an extensive background in the realm of Christian publishing. (To find out more about Jeff, see the bio section of his site.) I’m making my way through his long booklist myself.

For those girly summer reads, try this great new YA series by Shelley Adina called It’s All About Us. It has a fabulous website, too.

Happy reading.

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  1. Tracey Lanter says:

    Great information Jenn! As a mom of a teen daughter this is valuable insight! Most parents don’t consider supervising what their teens read, they assume that if it’s in the “big, nice book store” it must be ok. Wrong assumption. I’ve heard more than once, “but everybody else is reading it” – stay diligent moms!

  2. Nell Kirk says:

    Thanks for two good sources of reading material for teens. It is scary to think of the inappropriate material that can be published. We need sources to help our teens make better choices in what they read.

  3. I think it is a sad sign of the times. Children are having their childhood ripped away from them. Very few little fifth grade girls want to continue reading Little House and Jr high girls are not reading Anne of Green Gables. So sad to me.