Last Updated on June 14, 2018

The last four days have been rough for my little brother.  Okay, so maybe once you hit 30 you’re not so little, but Tim will always be my little brother.

He and his wife Johnna have four beautiful boys ages 7, 4, 2 and 10 months—I must say they are an active, busy bunch! You think?

This sweet family lives many miles away from relatives and has learned to stick together and make it through life as a team! Tim and Johnna have found a good church home and are doing a great job of living life and raising their boys to be “generals in God’s army,” as Tim says.

Well, two of his little generals were recently wounded and spent a few days in the hospital with pneumonia and some extremely high fevers. As I prayed, and called my friends to pray, my desire was to be there by his side helping him through, but my Spirit-led prayer was that my little brother would turn to the right source for help and cling to his Heavenly Father.

As I was talking to him on the phone he said to me, “Tracey I love my boys more than anything and would die trying to save them. I had a long talk and good cry with God. I am grateful that He let our family have Trey for the two years we have and losing him would break my heart—but I know he would be in heaven with God. You know, my boys don’t really belong to me and Johnna anyway … we are just watching over them for God.”

At that moment I was filled with awe that my little brother was such a strong man of God.

You see, all I’ve ever wanted for “Timmy” (as I affectionately call him) was for him to have a close personal relationship with the Lord and for that relationship to drive his life. I have seen fruit in his life, but at this moment I knew that my little brother had grown up … in the most important way. And I have never been more proud to be his big sister.

Tim’s little generals continue to heal and they’ll be ready to do battle again soon—in God’s army here on earth!  To God be the glory, great things He hath done … even in the littlest of generals …even in little brothers … even in Godly men.

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  1. Praying for those little generals today!
    Thanking God that He has shown such mercy to allow them to do battle again here on earth!