Last Updated on October 11, 2018

Birthdays are a wonderful thing because they are a time of reflection. In the case of a child’s birthday, it is a time not only to reflect on your child but also you as you raise that little person.

My daughter is one amazing girl — better than I will ever be. Maybe her wonderfulness is due partly because of me … but I suspect it’s mostly in spite of me.

That’s the wonderful blessing of being a mom — if you do it right.

Day in and day out dealings with my growing children cause me to really see myself. It’s almost as if those little souls daily hold up mirrors that expose worse-than-deepening wrinkles and graying hair; those mirrors reflect the best and worst of the inner me.

My challenge is to then determine what to do with my worst. This is your challenge too!

Worst provides opportunities for growth and change. Don’t think they don’t see it moms. They do, they see the worst and they take it all in and learn from it. The momzilla MOMents we keep carefully hidden from others. Our roar through the messy family room and clothing laden bedrooms that quickly tames {or at least it should} as we recognize we are supposed to be the grown up here.

At times I think the whole term “raising children” should be tossed and we should alter that prideful phrase to the humbling utterance “growing moms” – can I get a witness here?

If you are wise you will chose your worst MOMents to teach your children how to tame the beast within and love others well. With a daily dose of sonshine – you can do that.

And you might just be blessed with a daughter that far surpasses your own beauty.

Happy Birthday… to my “little” girl.


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