Last Updated on April 16, 2018

(Editor’s Note: In November, during National Adoption Awareness Month, MomLife Today enjoys having Adoptive and Foster moms share their hearts with you.  Meet Jami Kaeb, we ask that you lift up a prayer for Jami and her family. Read her words below.)

As I’m writing, I’m looking out over a crystal clear pool of water with palm trees swaying in the distance. Vacations are a wonderful gift from God — a time to slow down, refocus, and refresh. This time away from our kids has also made me very contemplative.

We have six children at home, three of whom we are fostering. I live with the reality that three of “my” children I have to hold more loosely than the others. With three of them, I have to be more cautious with my words. I cannot tell them, “I am your mommy forever.” I can’t tell them, “You are mine.” And yet, I can tell them that I will love them always and forever. But even then, I cringe because love at its deepest level is commitment. I cannot promise my commitment to them, at least not in a physical sense. I can be committed to praying for them. I can be committed to being the best mommy to them while they’re in my home.

This fostering journey has stretched me on every level, and we are only one year in. It has been the hardest season of my life, my health has been affected, I feel vulnerable, and I wrestle with my emotions in ways I had never experienced before.

And yet, God is changing my life. He has become my everything! He has shown Himself to me in new ways. He has abundantly blessed me. My kids have a care and concern for orphans and people in need that is new to them but is becoming a part of who they are. Our little son, who we adopted four years ago from Guatemala, prays consistently for “kids who don’t have mommies and daddies.” Our eight-year-old daughter is working feverishly on a fundraiser with the intent of raising money for orphans. Our six-year-old daughter delivered handmade cards to church and school (without asking us!) with the message, “You need to care about orphans so much!”

This is what it’s about. This is why we are here on this earth: to care for the brokenhearted, to be Jesus to the world. He reaches into our messes, touches us, believes in us, and pursues us; He calls us to do the same. It may not be foster care for you, but what is it? Who is the Lord calling you to see? Who does the Lord want you to advocate for?

It’s not easy to step out. It’s not comfortable, and it’s often not fun. But people are hurting, and they need to see Jesus through you and me. And you know what, when you reach out and touch someone who Jesus loves, you experience His love for you in an incredibly new way!

[verse reference=”Philippians 2:17″]But I will rejoice even if I lose my life, pouring it out like a liquid offering to God, just like your faithful service is an offering to God. And I want all of you to share that joy. (NLT)[/verse]

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. My husband and I have both felt God moving us toward adoption and one of those ways is possibly through fostering to adopt. Good timing for the article!!! May God bless you for your faithfulness!!

  2. Please be praying for my husband and I as we wait to adopt our two Therapeutic Foster Children. We love them and can't wait for the system to finally allow us to legally be a family. Thanks so much for your prayers!