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Tracey Eyster

Tracey Eyster

Tracey Eyster is the Founder and Director of MomLife Today & Mom Camp and is passionate about speaking into the lives of others one on one, or through live events.  Becoming a mom later in life ignited a passion in her on the importance of building a Christ centered legacy in the home. She has logged hours in corporate America, consulting, community volunteering, Christian ministry, interview journalism, mentoring, speaking and writing — while keeping homelife and serving family her priority. “Be intentional. Be relational. Be selfless.” — in a nutshell, that’s her life and message. Hiking, kayaking and hosting others in her home are her funtime pursuits, now that she, and husband Bill, are living the “just us” life again. She and Bill have been married since 1986.

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5 Reasons You Need to Interview Your Daughter’s Date

There stands your beautiful teen daughter, looking like a princess, about to go to her first school-sponsored formal function. There you (and your husband) stand, trying to come to terms…

Motherhood Without Regret

I wasn’t expecting a wave of emotion to overtake me as I read Kelcie’s post on MomLife Today. But here I find myself looking through blurry eyes, filled with tears…

Battling Fear

Our thought life is a powerful thing, and when it is filled with feelings of fear and anxiety it can be crippling. Fear can be especially crippling in areas where…

Pushing Children Into Danger

A while back my son was supposed to participate in something that my husband and I thought was really great. Imagine my surprise when he said he didn’t want to go. I…

Drowning in a Sea of Bad News

Could it get any worse? Some days I don’t think it could … and then it does. I had just been sharing with my friend Lori the weight I was…

Wasting Time

I used to love to read, but once I became a mom I somehow felt that reading was a colossal waste of time. There is so much to do, how could I possibly just sit there and read?

Cheap Fun for Children

My children used to spend hours playing together with their favorite toy. Though most would assume it was a major purchase or some extravagant electronic gadget, it was actually a most…

Marriage in Turmoil?

My husband struggles with workaholism, a time-stealing beast he continuously tries to tame. As his loving wife I have to do my very best to support him by praying for him…

Beautiful Mess

“I am a mess” are words I have uttered more times than I would like to admit. Do you feel me? If you are a mom, of course you feel…

Arkansas Mourning and Hollywood Celebration

I am sitting on an airplane headed to L.A. to attend an event that is directly tied to my passion to speak into the lives of moms—a time of celebration….


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