Last Updated on April 16, 2018

Could it get any worse? Some days I don’t think it could … and then it does.

I had just been sharing with my friend Lori the weight I was feeling from so many people in my life who were living through hard circumstances. Then my husband called to tell me a dear, dear friend was in the hospital, her life hanging in the balance. He was on his way to get me so we could race to her and her family.

As Lori heard this news, she grabbed me with her face contorted and hugged me hard, and as my body wilted I breathlessly whispered, “One more thing.” Her encouragement and strength bolstered my body … and my heart.

Sometimes the weight of bad news seems too heavy to carry.

My head throbs, my heart aches, my emotions tumble, and I hear that final sucking sound as what’s left of me swirls violently and is tugged down the drain that signifies my last hope. Life feels hopeless, like it’s spiraling out of control.

Life lived by one’s own strength will always leave us drained and empty.

So too, will life lived by focusing on oneself.

But here, my friend, is the good news. We don’t have to live life by our own strength. And Jesus taught us not to live life focused on ourselves. When we daily grab hold of the promises of God by reading His Word, and when we daily fall to our knees in prayer (and I mean literally, on your knees, sisters) we can rise up with a new found hope and a focus on others that shatters the schemes of the enemy.

Turn on the news, and the events happening in this world are enough to drain us of all hope. Answer that phone call from a hurting friend or family member, and your heart can be instantly seized.

We live in a fallen, broken world made up of fallen, broken, and even evil people. But this should not be a surprise to us, because God’s Word tells us in this world we will have trouble. The Scriptures tell us the prince of this world prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour.

We must not allow that enemy to devour hope or distract us from seeking the One who is hope.

The enemy is also using a diabolical scheme to deflect believers from God’s call to prayer. The enemy is getting us so wrapped up in ourselves that we are at times blind to our extreme need of time with Father God on behalf of those who are struggling without hope.

Sisters, God is calling us to prayer. Not a flippant laundry list of needs for our comfort and happiness, but a fervent admission of God’s greatness and man’s fallenness and our need for repentance.

The tug of hopelessness, unfairness, and wrongs perpetrated in the world demand your attention—don’t push it aside. As a follower of Christ you are to be mindful of the groaning that rises up in you on behalf of others and take it to Father God in prayer, allowing Him to fill you to overflowing.

When hopelessness threatens to empty you, seek Him fervently, be filled with living water, and allow your hope to spill out and saturate others.


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  1. Love this Tracey! Was studying the book of Ezra today and the study says, “Ezra recognized the absolute necessity for prayer. Do you pray for God’s help instead of trusting in your own power?” 🙂

  2. Marie Lategan says:

    We serve a Wonderfull Mighty God, Who made sure that His children is one big family, spread all over the world, but distance does not matter

  3. {Melinda} Oh, Tracey, my heart hurts for you. I have been through long stretches of “one more thing” after “one more thing.” Lately, the events of the world have me nearly unable to get out of bed some mornings. I keep reminding myself to cling to the hope we have in Jesus. To remember He has overcome the world. The victory has already been won. I’m so glad, though, that He remembers we are dust and is patient with us as we sometimes sag under the weight of the difficulties of this life.