Last Updated on January 20, 2020

Our thought life is a powerful thing, and when it is filled with feelings of fear and anxiety it can be crippling. Fear can be especially crippling in areas where God is prompting us to act and use our giftings.

In general, each of us have areas in our lives where we feel confident. Things we know we can do, and do well. Those comfortable giftings are the easy ones.

But what about those giftings that we sense are there, but we have not had the opportunity to cultivate? Or that we have avoided cultivating because of fear?

Heavy sigh.

Fear stinks.

The phrase “being paralyzed by fear” is not reserved for eyeing a snake in the garden or things that go bump in the night. Fear paralyzation is alive and well in my heart and I’m guessing in yours, too.

Fear masks itself as avoidance, full schedules, good intentions, and “maybe I will do that next year” ramblings. Flimsy excuses one and all.

Fear can have itself quite the feeding frenzy on stirring up thoughts of failure, personal embarrassment, imperfection magnification, comfort zone-clinging, and “not me-itis.”

I have been wrestling with fear on a whole new level the last several weeks. And what I am learning is that fear left unchecked can grow and paralyze.

Fear is the thief of God’s plan in my life. And yours. Fear robs us of opportunity to reveal God’s glory.

I am learning that leaning into fear—recognizing it for what it is and fighting against it—is doable.

Praise is one simple practice that can help push back against fear. Praise is Kryptonite to the fear that weakens us. As I praise God for who He is, the paralyzing fear within abates and He becomes magnified.

More of Him, less of me.

[verse reference=”John 3:30″]He must become greater, I must become less.[/verse]

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  1. Tracey, did you get a peek into my heart today? :-). This is so true and I find myself constantly at battle in the grip of fear. Even after I do something well, I fear I won’t be able to replicate it again. Or, I find myself “grass-greenering” as I look at what I think would be better than where God has put me. Thanks for the reminder.