Last Updated on March 21, 2018

Top PriorityThis is an important and personal question to every married woman.  Is your T.P. hard, soft, easily torn or breaks down quickly?  Are you considering changing your T.P. because what you have now is not working for you?   Well, I am here to say WHOA!  Hold UP!

T.P. is more than you think.  The T.P. I am referring to is your husband – your Top Priority.  Prior to marriage, our T.P. received major attention.  We made ourselves available to talk, spend time, and even send little notes, cards, and gifts to him.  These little things that didn’t cost much money brought joy, laughter, and renewed life to him.  There was someone who cared so much for him that she was thinking about him even when he wasn’t around.

On my wedding day, I made a covenant to my husband, to God, and to many witnesses to make my husband my Top Priority.  To love him for better, worse, richer, poorer, in sickness and in health until death would separate us.  And love that day and every day since has been a verb for me.  It moves me to action.

When you have a great relationship and enjoy the T.P. that God has graciously gifted you, you feel refreshed!  It will keep you clean in your thoughts and temptations that may come your way.  It will alleviate the need for you to want to try out another brand because enjoying the T.P. that God gives brings contentment and satisfaction with what you have.

Yes, T.P. has many uses and things it can do.  Sometimes it is overused and many times it is overlooked.  But today, I am declaring a T.P. check-up day!  It’s time for us to stop for a minute and think about all that we need our T.P. to do for us and ask ourselves, What can I do for my T.P.?

T.P. is often taken for granted.  We hardly ever think about not having it until we find ourselves alone behind a closed door empty handed.  T.P. is used, every day, to clean us up and refresh us.  Without our beloved T.P. we would be a horrible, stinky MESS.  I am so grateful God created my T.P. so perfectly for me.  What about you?

We need to put our T.P. back in its proper place – as our TOP PRIORITY.  And when he is there, God is made known as you relate to one another.

Here’s to a strong T.P. in your home.

But a married woman has to think about her earthly responsibilities and how to please her husband. 1 Corinthians 7:34b (NLT) 

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