Last Updated on March 21, 2018

Do your children have any trouble describing for you what they want for Christmas? I know, ridiculous question.

Want to mess with your kid’s mind a little bit? Ask your child, “Hey, what do you think God wants for Christmas?” The answers you will get may be noble and heartfelt, but the real answer can be found in the bottom of box number seven in FamilyLife’s, What God Wants for Christmas. (Okay, I’ll spoil the surprise … there is a mirror in the bottom of the box!)

So whether you need a gift for your own children, or the children in your sphere of influence that you know need to learn the true meaning of Christmas, I encourage you to get What God Wants for Christmas—it’s the perfect gift for the children in your life!

Take it from me: the look on a child’s face when he looks into box number seven is truly priceless!

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  1. We love this Family Life tradition in our house! Our older kids remember “what is disguised” in box #7, but they still love to keep the secret for their younger siblings. Plus, it’s truly a gift we need to be reminded to give God every day. This is a great resource!