Last Updated on March 21, 2018

The Christmas season. I love it!

My husband has time off from work. We decorate the house and everyone seems to be in a festive mood. Even after the actual day has passed, we continue to be in “Christmas mode”! We relax, stay up late, sleep in, and watch movies. Plenty of family time. No routine. Rest. Rest … and more rest! It can be such a refreshing time.

But there can be challenges.

The reality of the holiday season is that it can be challenging. Family times can turn stressful. Conflict happens. None of these things go away just because it is the holiday season. We can’t check our sinful hearts at the door just because it is a holiday!

Things we wish we didn’t have during the holiday season:

  • Our sinful hearts! No matter where we go, that goes with us!
  • Physical/chronic pain.
  • Tired, irritable children.
  • Tired, irritable parents.
  • Our slow metabolism … it is so tempting to eat my way through the holidays!

No matter where we go we are still held to the standard of God’s Word. We already know that Satan wants to steal our joy, cause us to stumble, and would love to see us ruin the extra opportunities we have to serve our families over the holidays, by giving in to our fleshly responses!

Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom of god and His righteousness…”

The lessons that we are learning and practicing each day are the same lessons we need to strive to practice during the holidays. We can effectively live the gospel during this season that we celebrate, and honor the very One who was born in order to make the gospel a reality.

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  1. So true, Gina. Sometimes I think I get that verse mixed up and seek “me” first. And that always leads to trouble.