Last Updated on March 3, 2024

Do you think words are powerful? Although they usually come free of charge, too many, too few, the wrong words at the wrong time, or the right words at the wrong time can have disastrous effects on a relationship. Yet words can also seal a relationship or restore it: wedding vows, “I love you,” “You are special,” “I believe in you.”

So what are some words and “non-words” you can use to show love to others this Valentine’s Day?

Words to say to your husband:

“I love and respect you.” “You have worth in my eyes.” “Thank you for providing for us.” “Thank you for taking care of ________(fill in the blank).”

Words or actions to avoid: Do not talk about how much money other husbands make or the things your friends have that you do not. Avoid talking down to your husband as though he were a child. Do not argue with him in front of others.

Words to say to your wife:

“I cherish you.” “You are my greatest gift.” “I love you just the way you are.” “Thank you for taking care of the children.” “Thank you for making sure I have socks in my drawer the night before work.” “Thank you for _____(fill in the blank).”

Words or actions to avoid: Do not comment on any other woman’s beauty, fitness, or body. Keep your eyes to yourself. (It is degrading when a husband lusts after other women or compares his wife to them.) Do: Make your wife a priority. Help out around the house.

Words to say to your children:

“You are a gift to me.” “You are special.” “Great job.” “Thank you for all you do for our family.” “I support you.”

Words or actions to avoid: Do not compare them to other people’s children. Don’t make your love and affection dependent upon their performance.

Words for friends:

“You are special.” “You mean a great deal to me.” “You are like family to me.” “I am on your side.”

Actions: Even if you are married, think about inviting a single friend to spend Valentine’s with you and your family. If your spouse is agreeable, maybe you can celebrate romance on a different night of the week.

You could try writing down some of these phrases and placing them in notes around the house for your spouse and children to find on Valentine’s Day, like a treasure hunt. Then celebrate with something fun for a meal: giant pancakes for breakfast (or dinner if it’s at our house) or perhaps a heart-shaped pizza for lunch.

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