Last Updated on March 20, 2018

A few minutes ago a friend called to talk. We’ve been playing phone tag for weeks, and I’m not sure when our last meaningful conversation occurred. So, our discussion tonight went something like this:

Her: “Hey, how are you?”

Me: “Fine. It’s been a long day.”

Her: “Yeah, what’s been—hey, Son, get out of the toilet.”

Me: “Oh, that’s not good—no, you can’t have more pizza.”

Her: “Why has it been a long day? Oh! Son, I told you to get out of the toilet. And, you, I already said you can’t have that candy.”

Me: “Well, today, I’ve been chasing my youngest—hey, don’t throw the cat. She’s old. Hey! Don’t kick the cat, either.”

Her: “We’re in the mountains—hey, is that blood on his back or mud? Mud? How did you get so dirty?”

Me: “No! don’t stick the entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet! And who turned on the Roomba?”

Her: “Hey, who opened the bathroom door? I locked that door to keep your brother out. Oh, now look, he’s drinking toilet water again. Hey, which of you left the front door open? Close it quick before the dog gets out!” Woof.

Me: “No, don’t throw the clean laundry on the floor.”

Her: “Well, I’ve gotta go. It was great talking to you.”

Me: “Yeah, me too.”

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  1. LOL!!! That is too funny! I try my hardest not to have converstations like that. If I happen to get stuck in one, it’s okay because my son has come to understand my “looks”, my finger snaps, reading my lips and gestures. It really does work!

  2. Laughing out loud…why? because this is so RIGHT ON. It happens. But mom's are great multi-taskers. And if we don't take these types of calls once in a while we might never get a phone "conversation" in. Because at nap time we are quiet trying not to wake them up…. or showering, doing computer work, or maybe even lucky enough to catch a cat nap ourselves. 😉

  3. I find it interesting that my kids can be occupied elsewhere, but as soon as I get on the phone, they need me. I’m sure I was the same way. We’ll have to ask my mom. 🙂

  4. Janel Breitenstein says:

    Oh, my word, this is so comforting to me. I cannot believe the trouble that my kids attempt when that thing is on my ear! Thanks for a great laugh that is yes, all too true!!