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How to Handle Singleness and Dating

Here at MomLife Today, we talk a lot about marriage in relation to parenting. But the reality is some moms also find themselves dating or in a season of singleness….

You are a Gift From Heaven

My 5-year old son woke me up a few days ago in an unexpected and precious way. Jon David is the early bird in the family and I’m the night…

Free Protection for Your Children From All Devices

We are a family of many kids. Some grown and out of the nest, some in high school in the midst of cyberville, one in middle school, and even one…

Cherish the Days

The other day while cleaning out a kitchen cabinet I came across a set of tiny lunchbox notes I’d found on clearance. I bought them for Eldest when she was…

“Inappropriate Movies, Books and Music, Oh My!”

I absolutely love that my 8th grade daughter wants to discuss concerns and temptations with me as she gets older. I love that she is learning to stand on her…

A Post About Absolutely Nothing?

It’s the middle of the day and I just spent the last hour sprawled out on my big lounge chair watching Tom and Jerry, even while my to-do list is dripping off the page….

Sleep-Deprived Mom

Hubby was out of town, I was propped up in bed reading The Five Love Languages of Teenagers, by Gary Chapman. My son was already asleep, and my daughter came…

Sleepless Moms

I am having a week where I am busier than usual, and add to that a sick kid, and sleep for me has been fleeting lately. Actually I have been feeling sort of…


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