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Coronavirus Distancing: Help With Your Kids

Feeling overwhelmed with the coronavirus events unfolding before you? We have some important words of encouragement for you AND some fun practical ideas to help pass the hours and days…

“Mommy, I’m Bored!”

“Mommy, I’m bored!” How many times a day do you hear those words? I hear them a lot. Once a week, several of my friends try to get together over…

10 Practical Ideas to Help Stop the Whining, Already!

Does your family have a whiner? (Do you grimace when I mention this person?) One of my children, who is five, has managed to bring whining to an art form….

10 Stay-At-Home Mom Myths Debunked

Sometimes it appears that the only mom-voices heard in the media are the voices of moms who work outside the home. While their lives are considered exciting and are celebrated, stay-at-home…


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