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A Month of Easy Family Night Ideas

If coming up with ideas for keeping “family togetherness fun” alive is becoming a challenge and you are slumping a little lower in your seat, never fear. If the thought…

Disappointed, Don’t Be God Has a Plan

This week my heart had a small version of what many of you experience on a much larger scale. I carted my adorable (there is a consensus on that), squirmy…

4 Things That Will Help When We Worry About Our Kids

I’ve never heard of a mother who doesn’t worry about her children. Some of us are obsessive worriers, others are a little less concerned, but all of us worry to…

Childlike Faith and Well-Timed Interruptions

There is nothing quiet and uneventful about our family dinners, and this was no exception. My mom and stepfather were visiting from Florida, and everyone had gathered to say hello….


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