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Last Updated on March 13, 2024

You’re a mom and you’re downright busy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for a few moments spent with the Lord everyday! Here are 7 of the best daily Bible studies for busy moms that just might be the perfect fit. 

For a long time I’ve had this mom ambition to be one of those women who wakes up at 5 am, gets a full workout in, and spend solid hour praying, reading the Bible and basking in God’s presence. But for many of us, this perfectly peaceful morning is often not a reality.

Maybe you’re a new mom and your baby skipped every nap time today, or you’re up with a sick kid. The dishes are still piled in the sink from last night, and you have a work project that you didn’t have time to finish.

For a lot of women, mornings are just hard in general, and you’re finding that the evenings before bed are a better time for you to spend with the Lord. You don’t need much time to study the Bible. There’s always a way to fit it in!

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The Key to Devotional Time

I want to encourage you that whether you have 3 minutes or a whole hour, you CAN spend time in God’s presence that gives you strength and encouragement to get through your MomLife days. The key? An easy to read daily bible study for busy moms.

Each of the 7 studies on this list were designed to meet you at different stages in your motherhood journey, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, single moms, young moms, or any kind of mother!

Our Bibles studies list includes:

  • Devotionals for every day of the year
  • Short encouraging thoughts and scriptures
  • Discussion questions that can be used in a small group
  • Daily devotional apps for the mom on the go

Even as a busy mom you totally can learn to read the Bible everyday. These studies will help you to get started!

Bible studies for busy moms

Best Bible Studies For Christian Moms

Midnight Mom Devotional: 365 Prayers to Put Your Momma Heart to Rest – Becky Thompson & Susan K. Pitts

Midnight Mom - bible study for moms

Have you ever laid awake in the middle of the night, stressed, worried and exhausted about what the coming days will bring? If the answer is yes, you will love this year-long daily devotional, “Midnight Mom Devotional.” We love that this book came out of an online prayer movement of thousands of moms. Whether you’re experiencing sorrow, welcoming a new baby, or are currently in need of a miracle, you’ll find support, comfort and reminders from God’s Word inside this book.

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus – Karen Ehman & Ruth Schwenk

Pressing Pause - devotional for moms

Looking for a shorter study to walk through? Pressing Pause includes 100 devotions to help you start everyday with Scripture. From nurturing your family to asking for help, the topics inside are very mom-specific to the issues that we face in everyday life. The stories inside are short and sweet with a relevant Scripture passage each day. A handful of women have mentioned that this can be a great one for small group study time as well!

MomStrong 365: A Daily Devotional to Encourage and Empower Everyday Moms – Heidi St. John

Mom Strong - Motherhood devotional

Want a daily devotional that covers every single day of the year? This one might be a great fit! Each day of the Mom Strong study includes a Bible verse, short devotional and a takeaway for the day. The devotionals cover everything from finding joy in hard days, to strengthening family relationships and being reminded of God’s love. This book is great for moms who are short of on time, but it isn’t as Scripture-heavy as some of the other studies on the list.

The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes – Ruth Schwenk

The Better Mom - mom devotional book

In this 100-day Bible study book, author Ruth Schwenk reminds us all that “Becoming a better mom doesn’t start with what you are doing but with who God is inviting you to become.” The 100 mom-focused devotions inside this book are filled with Scripture, prayers and reflection questions to help you dive deeper into the lessons each day. This book is great for moms of small kids and older kids alike and the full-color pages inside just happen to make it a gorgeous gift for other mom friends.

12-Week Bible Study for Moms: Readings & Reflections to Draw Strength From & Connect with God – Teresa Ann Criswell

12 week bible study for moms

If you are looking for a study that is fully scripture-based and not as story heavy, be sure to check out this 12-Week Bible Study for Moms!  Each of the 12 weeks focuses on a general overall theme an includes multiple passages from Scripture, prayers and follow up questions each day to help you journal and reflect and further in your study. Each daily reading can be done in 10 minutes or less, making it perfect for busy moms of all ages!

Walking in Grace – 366 Inspirational Devotions for an Abundant Life in Christ

Walking in grace - Christian devotional book

While this particular devotional book isn’t written strictly for moms, each daily reading still speaks to so many of the daily struggles (and joys) that mothers go through. Each day features a scripture verse, and then additional context around it to really hep the daily devotional thoughts “stick.” There’s also an included prayer for everyday, and a prompt question at the end of each devotional that perfectly leads into journaling and reflection. If you have 5 minutes or less, this is one of the best daily devotionals you can choose!

Mom Set Free – Bible Study Book: Good News for Moms Who are Tired of Trying to be Good Enough – Jeannie Cunnion

Mom Set Free - mom bible study

This one is less of a daily devotional and more of a full Bible-study, but it’s way too good to leave off the list.

Mom Set Free is designed to be a 7-session study, but each week’s reading can be easily divided into a section each day to break it down even further.

The main theme of this study? A journey throughout scripture to find God’s wisdom on parenting in the freedom of God’s sovereignty. If you ever find yourself struggling to enjoy the parenting journey like me, this study will help you to let go a bit, enjoy the journey and trust the Lord to guide and keep you and your family. Bonus: There are tons of discussion questions throughout, making it an excellent tool to walk through on your own, with a friend, or with a Bible study or small group!


Best Bible Study Apps for Moms

Are you looking for a way to take your daily devotions on the go instead of sitting down and opening a book? Thankfully, there are a handful of amazing apps on the market with short devotions that will help you to get in the Word of God as you start and end your day. While these particular apps aren’t designed solely for mothers, they’re all chockful of amazing studies for your daily quiet time that you can take with you wherever you go.

1. YouVersion Bible app – YouVersion has been around for a long time, and the amount of Bible reading plan options that they have available cannot be beat. Regardless of your season of life, you’re sure to find a study that meets you right where you are for a little God time. Try searching for “Mom” or “Mothers” in their Reading Plans directory if you want to find Bible reading plans specifically written for moms like you.

2. She Reads Truth app – If you’re looking to go deeper in understand scripture and learning more about the stories and lessons woven all throughout the Bible, try out She Reads Truth! Their mission is “Women in the Word of God everyday” and they have both paid and free scripture-heavy plans in the app that are ideal for women who are looking to get rooted in biblical truth.

3. First 5 app (Proverbs 31 Ministries) – The First 5 app follows a simple theme: Encouraging women to spend the first 5 minutes of their day getting rooted in God’s Word. Each daily reading is short and to the point, which can help with those trying to stick with reading on a regular basis.

How do I read my Bible more?

You’ve checked out different Bible studies and reading plans. Now what happens next? How can you make sure that you ACTUALLY spend time studying and spending time with the Lord each day? We recommend making a Bible Study Action Plan!

If you’re wondering how long should your devotion time last or what should you do during your bible study time, creating a plan that actually fits your schedule and life will help.

Here’s how to create your plan: 

  1. Choose a time and place to study – Set an alarm for a specific time each day, find a corner in your house (the kitchen table, your car, wherever!) and try to stay consistent about where you study! I also love having a little ritual like lighting a candle for the ultimate cozy vibes.
  2. Decide what you’ll do – Be consistent about your process during each study time. Maybe you read a one page devotional, a passage of scripture and then journal for 5 minutes. Have a consistent flow so you never have to sit down and wonder what to do next.
  3. Get accountability – If you want to get consistent about studying the Bible as a mom, let someone in your life know your plans! Ask your husband, an older child or a friend to check in with you occasionally to ask if you’re still doing your Bible study time.
  4. Reward yourself! – Give yourself some sort of reward for sticking with your Bible study time! This always gives me a little push to keep going. Stayed consistent for a whole month? Celebrate with your favorite coffee drink, a date night with your spouse or just a morning that you sleep in!

We pray that this list of devotional books and study ideas will help you find a great way to connect with the Holy Spirit and get filled up with God’s Word each day. Which of the devotionals on the list are YOU thinking of trying out? Do you have other great ones you love that you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments!