Last Updated on February 15, 2024

Have you ever observed a need and thought to yourself… “Someone should do that…”? Maybe YOU are the someone. In the video above Tracey talks with Stephanie Buckley about how she started a Farmer’s Market and a library in her small community.

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  1. This is a tough one for me. I had to think about it for a long time and felt sad to come up with very few service projects that we do as a family. With a severely autistic child, we don’t venture out to the unknown much. My daughter doesn’t run away from us as much as she used to, but each little noise or smell could set Rachel off. We do participate in Operation Christmas Child. Last year we even managed going to the store together and buying the gifts. It was difficult for Rachel to understand why she couldn’t open the packages and why we put them into a box. I think she unpacked the boxes several times, so we had to hide them and sneak them into the church to donate them to keep her from obsessing over the entire thing. It’s something small, but it’s a baby step toward more, hopefully.

  2. Isn’t Stephanie Buckley the best? She makes me smile so big 🙂

    As a family, we haven’t yet ventured out into any “big” service projects, but it’s hard with our kids being small. We have done Operation Christmas Child, World Vision Sponsorship, and Champions for Kids Simple Service Projects. I’m hoping soon they’ll be old enough for us to help at a shelter or soup kitchen. Oh and I want us to visit a nursing home soon!

    Thanks for the inspiration Stephanie!!

  3. Great Job! Way to be a go getter:) My children are still little- but we are working on “Building Community Right Where You Are”.