Last Updated on March 20, 2018

Mid August. I can’t believe another summer has come and gone. Instead of the “What are we going to do today?” question, we are about to plunge into “What else do we have to do today?”

Again, I am at a MoM emotional crossroad. In June, summer stretched before me, endless days yawning with need to be filled. Chasing my daughter with autism and keeping my other daughter entertained left me feeling like an old washrag—wrung out and out of shape. I had a long list of personal accomplishments I wished to complete, but most of them fell by the wayside early on. Days were about pouring my life into my children and others.

Do I regret it? Not at all. I am thankful for the opportunity to Be the Mom.

Even though I sometimes look like that old washrag, I can’t help but think about the rapid passing of seasons. I want to make the most of the one I am in today. I want to live without regret. Perhaps I didn’t get back into my skinny jeans, run a marathon, or write an entire novel, but in the end, so what? I enjoyed being a mom. I shared MoMents with my children, my niece, and my nephews.

As we prepare to head back to school, I hope to make the most of these last few summer days. I hope you do too, my friends!

Did you make memories this summer? We’d love to hear! Leave us a comment below. 🙂


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  1. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the good post! Halfway through the summer I felt like summer was just rushing by! I made a conscience decision to SLOW DOWN and just enjoy playing in the backyard with my girls. What a difference it has made in my attitude! I feel more relaxed and more in control. I totally agree with you on just enjoying this MOMent in whatever season you are in.