Last Updated on March 20, 2018

By Lindy Ford

I want to set everyone at ease right from the get go. Your dream of making your family life more productive, enjoyable and healthy is doable—without going bankrupt or losing your mind.

Let’s start the year exploring ways to get your kids to eat better, overcome pickiness and optimize you and your family’s health and nutritional status. Parenting guilt or adding something else to your already overloaded “to do” list are not on the agenda.

I’m a “real life” nutritionist and mom who struggles in the same areas as you. I never met a carbohydrate I didn’t love and I don’t have unlimited time or the bank account of Bill Gates. In the area of nutrition, I rely heavily on God’s wisdom and good nutritional savvy.

You may not struggle in the carb arena, but you may lament over getting your 10 year old to eat vegetables, or what constitutes a healthy meal, or how to lose that extra baby weight, or how to feed your family healthy on a budget, or … you get the picture …

It’s good to start with the “whys” instead of the “hows” so we can get the benefits firmly planted in our minds. Here are a few reasons why healthy eating is so important for you and your family:

:: Healthy eating enhances the immune system.  It’s a fact. Good nutrition helps us fight germs and illness. There’s no 100 percent guarantee, but we will get sick less often. Our families can’t live in a bubble so building our immune systems up is wise.

:: Healthy eating prevents disease. This goes along with the previous point, but takes it a step further. A new research study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that initial signs of heart disease can be seen in children as young as 12—directly related to consuming too many refined carbohydrates (the white stuff). Type II Diabetes (primarily an adult disease) is now being seen in kids. Many other diseases are on the rise.

:: Healthy eating increases energy. When we are taking in more nutrients and less junk, our stamina increases and so do our kids’.

:: Healthy eating improves moods. Studies in the last 5 years are promising in the area of using certain nutritional interventions to help with elevating moods and decreasing anxiety—encouraging stuff.

:: Healthy eating lowers obesity. You might be thinking, “Now she’s just turned to meddlin’.” First off, I never make any of my nutrition talks or writings primarily about weight issues. Good nutrition is for everyone—even if you are 90 pounds on your “heavy day.” Nevertheless, obesity is a national problem.

I hope you’re thinking, “I’m signing up for this program! It’s a new year and a new me!” So glad to have you join the journey. The next time we’ll talk about strategies to get your kids to eat healthier foods (but let’s help “mom” first).

Lindy Ford’s passion is to encourage women to live in spiritual, emotional and physical freedom. This desire came out of her own pain in every one of these areas. Lindy turned the incredible lessons God taught her into a Bible study for women called, “From Busy to a Beautiful Life“. 

She is a nutrition and wellness coach with a BS in Dietetics/Nutritional Science from the University of Maryland and speaks extensively on the subjects of wellness, stress, and nutrition. Lindy loves to equip busy moms with strategies to make healthier choices for their families and themselves. She is married to Bryan, a former widower and the best builder/contractor that ever lived. Five children make up their blended family—teenagers to a cute toddler named Piper who is trying to pound on her keyboard right now.

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  1. Welcome, Lindy! I’m looking forward to your next installment! Kids with special needs can bring unique food challenges – sensory, coordination of swallowing, developmental, and more – so bring on all your tips!

    1. Hi Megan!

      Yes, Kids with special needs certainly bring unique food challenges. You may particularly find my next article refreshing because I’m going to talk about “putting the O2 nutrition mask” on mom first so she has more strength and energy to deal with the challenges that come her way. . . stay tuned. . .

  2. Healthy is “doable!” So glad to hear it from someone in the midst of it all! Coming up with an action plan for healthy eating that works for us… looking forward to the challenge!

    1. Yes, Jen, healthy is certainly “doable.” The effort really pays off in the long run if we don’t give up the ship. I know how challenging it is to get kids to eat healthy, but also the rewards. . . . .stay tuned!

  3. Mom is the heart-center of every home – a healthy happy Mom usually means a healthy happy family. Kids are enabled to make wise choices when they see Mom making them – it’s always more about what we DO than what we SAY. Thanks, Lindy, for the encouragement towards the goal of healthier choices for alll!

    1. Denise, you will hear more about that in my next article. The emphasis is “mom” and how all of us as moms need to put the “nutrition O2 masks” on ourselves first. Also, so much is “caught” instead of “taught.” I want my moms to be the healthiest they can be so they can more effectively deal with the challenges that come their way. Thank you for commenting!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I try, but it is difficult, especially with all the sensory issues related to food in this house. I would welcome any tips! I do a few things like try to sneak in some blended veggies into sauces and taco meat, but I need more help. We are trying to help our daughter with autism make better food choices and it is a huge battle. She and I already follow a gluten free diet, so most of the “good” grains I used to cook with are out for us, too. Sometimes it feels so daunting.
    Thanks. We’ll look forward to next time.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Autism brings its own unique challenges. Gluten-free is great, but in some cases we can get too many refined carbs (like rice flour etc) that are not good for the blood sugar. In upcoming articles, I will give some tried and true ways to get our picky eaters to expand their limited taste horizons. . .keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged. Your efforts will pay off. . . .

  5. Sarah Roberts says:

    I started eating healthy a year ago after taking 20 lbs off. Manage to maintain easily without dieting and never feel hungry like I did with my weight loss plan by just eating whole foods the way God intended without being processed by man, fruits and veggies, and avoiding refined sugar. Feel so good and never want to go back. But would love ideas to get my family to jump on board with me on your next post. They fight to keep the junk in their lives. As a good mama though I will keep on fighting, encouraging, and being a role model. It’s worth the fight!

    1. Great comments, Sarah, and congrats on the weight loss! I do believe that God does things perfectly, and man. . .well, not so much. We are literally bombarded by these processed demons and it’s hard to keep them outside our doors. Keep being a great role model to them. None of our families (or us for that means) will eat perfectly, but when our kids eat healthy most of the time, the rewards are amazing. Just keep thinking about the rewards and your resolve will be easier. It is certainly worth the fight! Look forward to hearing from you again!

  6. Lindy.
    I’m so excited to read more!
    I was healthy before kids, then let busyness and finances lead us astray. Now I’m returning our family to good, healthy living, and I could use a little support.
    Looks like I found it here!
    Deb L.

    1. What is it about motherhood that sometimes leads us down the wrong nutritional road? I think you summed it up pretty well–busyness and finances. I find that when we put the extra effort in now, it pays for itself later. We are talking about an “investment.” You’ve come to the right place for support. I don’t want moms to feel guilty, but instead empowered that they can make positive changes and stick with them. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Stephanie says:

    From one busy Mom to another, learning about and buying healthier foods added to my stress, at first, but seeing the benefits and making changes, even little ones, is being reflected in the choices that my children are starting to make on their own. Choices that will have an impact for the rest of their lives. Thank you Lindy for pointing out the benefits of choosing to eat healthier. Having a place where I can learn more and hear the challenges of other Moms is helpful to me. Thank You!

  8. Mike Constantine says:

    Dear Lindy, God is really using you in such a tremendous way.
    we are trying to do the things you have shared with us here. I am so thankful to you and are so excited that you are now a part of Mom Life Today Blog …………………I appreciate you so much !!