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I know most people look forward to Valentine’s Day to lavish flowers and chocolates on that special someone. I have been spoiled by my husband over the years, and he has used any ole day to bring me flowers and my favorite candies.

I have often told him not to bring me bouquets because I think that flowers are a total waste of money. Really, to spend $60-80 dollars on a pretty spray of roses and baby’s breath that is going to die in about two weeks! Over the course of our 25+ years of marriage, I could have built an addition on our home with all those dead buds and leaves I have thrown out in the trash. But he still hasn’t stopped bringing them to me and I have learned to appreciate the thought and heart behind them–for two weeks.

Because Ray has been so thoughtful and giving, I realized about 20 years ago that Valentine’s Day would be a great time to give gifts, cards and praise to the other loves of our lives. Each year we take the time to decorate our home with streamers and hearts. I put out tablecloths, paperwear and cups that match (I usually buy the leftovers from various stores the previous year and save them for the next year.) The house looks very festive and planned.

Ray takes the time to write a special card or character quality for each of our children. A lot of thought and prayer goes into these (and there is always one for me). We make an investment in gifts and chocolates during this special season because we try to give something to each child so that they know giving to those you love is a good thing–just as God gives to us (Luke 11:5-13).

But the beauty of this day is watching the faces of my children as their father reads aloud to each of them (no matter how old or young) the letter or card he has taken the time to write. Most times, by the end of the evening many of us are in tears.

My husband’s tenderness is a picture for me of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. That He has written in His word a love letter to me. It includes all that He thinks of me and what He has given and will continually give to me. Right now He is away preparing a place for me and will return for me.


So this year as you prepare for Valentine’s Day, remember to look around and give to all the ones you love.

Let your children know that they don’t have to wait for a special someone to have a Valentine. To every single person on the planet, there is someone who is special and loves you. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your love in return.

Give of your heart in a card or letter. Let others know and cherish something that they can tangibly read over and over again. God has gifted you with this special person. Take the time to tell them so.

Now where did I put that sack of Valentine supplies I bought last year on the 16th?

[verse reference=”Lamentations 3:25″]The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. [/verse]

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