Last Updated on March 20, 2018

There have been many times where I share something that I am doing or intend to do and a girlfriend will reply, “It’s too late for me.” Well I am here to say it is “NEVER TOO LATE” for anything.

I love that God gives us promises in His Word that tell us such. In Luke 1:37, God gives Mary a taste of this when His angel, Gabriel, tells her that her cousin, Elizabeth is pregnant. Elizabeth must have been pretty old because everyone who knew her thought she was past child bearing years and was “barren.” But it is never too late to begin anything or to start something new, because, “For nothing will be impossible with God!”

So for anyone who may doubt their ability to accomplish anything, begin to look to the one who says with me there are no impossibilities!

In my half-century on this Earth, I have seen many things that some thought was certainly impossible, come to pass. And I want us to declare war on those that tell us things are impossible.

I have seen:

1. Another doctor was incorrect when he told my own mother, “It will be a miracle for you to have children.” Just like Elizabeth, nothing was impossible for God and as a result, my mother birthed nine of us.

2. Different ethnicities come together in marriage and display unconditional love for the world to see.

3. At least one homeless (some would have called insane) man become a vital part of society.

4. The ultimate of wayward children come home with repentant hearts.

5. Marriages that had ended in bitter divorce reunite with disbelief to every human who had known this couple.

6. Children that doctors say will never walk or talk grow to prove that diagnosis faulty; pointing to faith and love above prognosis’s.

I could fill a hundred pages with all the things that someone, at one time or another, have said were impossible that have been done. So let us live with anticipation and hope. It is never too late to begin. If you are raising children and have learned something Biblically new, yes, you can apply it, it is never too late. If you have struggled in your marriage or with a relationship and want this to change, it is never too late. God is a miracle worker and can do what everyone else may think impossible.

When Jesus hung on the cross between two thieves, one continued to mock Jesus, but the other, recognized that Jesus was being unjustly slain. Then he went a step further and said, in essence, “Jesus, I believe you are who you say you are and would you have mercy on me when you come into your kingdom?” Someone other than Jesus might have said, “Impossible … you are justly accused and condemned.” But Jesus said to him, “It is never too late. Today you shall be with me in paradise” and it was so. On the day that Jesus was crucified, that thief experienced the impossible by turning to the one who is capable of making impossible possible. Some would have said that he waited too late. But Jesus says, “It is never too late!”

So if there is an area of your life you wish to change, or begin to do differently than you ever have, you can begin today with success and expectancy. Place your trust, courage and faith in the hand of the One who does the miraculous because with God, “all things are possible.”

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26

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  1. Robyn,
    You always inspire me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Sometimes I think I miss God’s miracles because I am too busy focusing inward. I know I need to spend more time contemplating God’s works and thanking Him for them. In doing that, my heart is always lifted.

    1. Jennifer, praising God for His abundant work in all of us. Love and blessings to you, girl.

  2. God has brought from having a mindset of “keeping busy with 10, 000 things means I’m of value” to “Lord direct my daily life in doing a few things well, as long as it pleases You”. God did not give up on me, when my marriage began and I chose to put my job before my husband and new baby. Long story short…God forced (physically and figuratively) me to prioritize His plan over mine. It’s been eye opening and there are challenges, but 9 years later know God has moved me to accept and enjoy my assignment in this season and granted me Kingdom purpose. Thank You Lord for helping me to learn and shout that “it wasn’t too late!”

    1. LaVon,
      Thank you so much for sharing what God has done in your life. It is really encouraging to all of us. We will continue to pray that He blesses you exceedingly as you continue to give HIM praise for HIS marvelous works.