Last Updated on February 16, 2024

Many men fear that after they gain a child, they lose a wife.

It’s so easy for us moms to walk around in sweatpants and no makeup all the time. And it’s easy to only think about changing diapers and the hundreds of things we feel we need to do every day.

But we met our husband first!

Listen to Judy Rossi and Tracey Eyster talk about ways to tell if you are sidelining your husband and how to change that.

Judy Rossi began teaching marriage-focused Bible studies in 1986. Her experience has shown her the tremendous need for women to address their unique roles in their marriages and in their parenting. God’s call to speak to that need is presented in her first written work,Enhancing Your Marriage: A Women’s Bible Study. Her second book, Raising Responsive Children: A Bible Study for Moms, was released in April 2008. Judy now speaks regularly on the subjects of marriage, parenting, and other women’s issues at retreats and conferences world wide.  You can find out more about Judy at Enhancing Your Marriage and Family Ministries.

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  1. This is so great, Tracey. Thanks so much for sharing this! My mommy friends and I often talk about this. It’s SOO important for our marriages. Love it. I’m sharing!!


  2. Yes, I think with my mom brain all the time! Thanks for the encouragement!