Last Updated on March 20, 2018

It was Super Bowl Sunday, and I had just put my 10-month-old twins down for their morning nap. My husband had gone snowboarding for the day, and I had grand plans of working on some posts for MomLife Today. These posts had been working away in my brain over the past nine months, just waiting to be typed out. The house was quiet, and I had some time to myself. Below is what I wrote in those few moments of solitude:

“I’m a mom of twins. Beautiful, 10-month-old baby girls who are crawling, pulling up on things, and starting to steal toys from each other. We just moved to a new house at the end of January, and one of them already knows where the Tupperware drawer is and how to fling lids everywhere.


I love having twins. Really, I do. They are so much fun and so different from each other. Each new stage is more fun than the next. We keep saying, ‘This age is so much fun!’


Some of my sanity and enjoyment of the twins comes from having them on a pretty good schedule. I know when they eat, sleep, and why they are crying, generally. Having a schedule really gives me lots of freedom and flexibility. And I believe that it gives my girls… “

And that’s as far as I got. The sound of Lily throwing up in her crib pulled me away from my computer for the rest of the day. My plans of working on a post about life with twins was placed on the back burner for the last four weeks. The week after the Super Bowl, I spent more time doing laundry than I ever dreamed possible. In one day alone, the twins went through nine outfits as a result of throwing up and diarrhea. I changed clothes at least four times myself. After the stomach virus went away, they both got colds and had snotty noses for almost three weeks.

Having sick kids is one of the hardest parts of being a mom for me. Not knowing what’s wrong and why they aren’t feeling well is so difficult. At such a young age, they can’t tell me that their tummy hurts or that a certain cereal makes them want to gag. I have to go off of their cues and figure it out based on their body language.

Life was very predictable up until the stomach virus hit them. Now, after four weeks of battling that and colds, they are finally on the mend. They are laughing and playing more by themselves and aren’t as clingy and needy as they were when they were sick.

Ahhh, that post of life with twins will be written soon. Maybe before they turn one.

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