Last Updated on March 23, 2018

(or at least get started that direction)

1. Share the cookies you have hidden.

2. Don’t sign your child up for an activity to help you look like a “good” mom. (Adding to your child’s schedule to pump your ego never works.)

3. Cut an activity you signed up for to create more down time for your kids.

4. Think of one thing you could do to put a smile on your child’s face… and do it.

5. Schedule a family outing that you’ve been promising to do, but haven’t gotten around to yet.

6. Give a back rub or a tummy tickle.

7. Schedule one-on-one time with each family member once a month.

When you’re selfless your family will notice. You will too. Even when you drag your feet to serve, joy will be discovered on the other side.

God notices your selflessness, too. He loves when you take steps to soften a “me first” heart.

Which reminds me…

8. Take time to offer more of yourself to God today than you did yesterday. The more you give to God the less you have to be selfish with… guaranteed.

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  1. Okay, now I can tell my husband that Pinterest is a helpful tool. So glad I found you! Look forward to reading and learning more from you.

  2. Selflessness, in my mind cannot be measured. All of your points are just that, they point to a direction which leads to a place where children grow into adults. LOVE – that word, being 100% present, without thinking about being present – consideration as a concept would not exist as you would always aim to please someone else, your sense of self would come second or better yet, cease to harass you with needs.
    Unless, as we become mothers leaving the self which in retrospect had an infinite time – doesn’t become an issue because you just ‘adjust’ to change.
    All these references to not being as selfless as mother Theresa – She was her self. Why not just be you.
    You & the mother, the wife, etcetera etcetera
    Maybe, letting go of ourselves is the only way to become selfless. And who wants to do that?

    These little people who other people told you would get easier as they grow from being attached to you physically, become emotionally dependent.

    You can follow all the advice in every blog, but you children will follow your heart.

    Soft, hard, worried, angry.

    The heart – centre of where we reside as parents, is what they learn and repeat.

    Why do we not just accept that our time is now accessed at ‘any time’ by little people who need us?

    Taking any steps to change and leaving your heart behind – you are at risk of these steps becoming just a movement.

    I love the advice Tricia points out and felt compelled to write as I wanted myself to note they are exactly as she writes.


    Which is generally an undefined place.

    Thank you for a creating a place to start.