Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Just after my doctor called with the results that I had a malignant tumor, my life hit a strange pace. It was as if everything slowed down yet sped up at the same time. I had a million things to get done before surgery, and my emotions were running amuck; yet I was able to narrow down and focus on the important — my family, friends, and my Savior.

The morning before my surgery, I sat in bed and stared at my leg. How much skin would they remove? How many needles would they stick into me? How many times would it take to get an IV into my tiny veins? (I hate needles!) I set aside the questions and pulled out my Bible. The phone rang and distracted me, so I flipped open the Bible and set it on my lap. Once I got off the phone, I looked down. The Bible had opened to the 23rd Psalm.

The words of long-ago memorized verses had new meaning:

The LORD is my shepherd.” So in surgery, the Lord would watch over me and guard me, even when I was unable to take care of myself.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” Yes, my cancer was only melanoma, and the doctor didn’t think it had spread into my lymph system yet; so I did not believe I was terminally ill. However, hearing the word “cancer” associated with myself gave me a glimpse into the frailty of life, the brevity of it. And here was God’s Word telling me I had nothing to fear.

He restores my soul.” No matter what happened to my body, the Lord would restore my soul, the important part of me.

As for being a mommy about to have surgery, I had an amazing peace that the Lord would work out all the details, especially with my children. And He did beyond what I would have imagined.

Much love, sisters. I am now cancer free. Praise the Lord!

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