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Noah’s wife got on the boat!

Think about it. Noah’s wife got on the boat!

Marriage is a crazy commitment. God often asks husbands or wives to do something that some would say is insane or irrational. But when I think about Noah’s wife (whose name, by the way, is never given in the Bible) I think, this has got to be one of the greatest women of faith that ever lived. She displayed for us the epitome of Hebrews 11:1.

[verse reference=”Hebrews 11:1″]Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.[/verse]

I don’t know about you, but to have a husband one day walk into the house and tell you he is going to build a massive boat for the impending flood, what does a wife do? (Noah and his wife weren’t in the day and age of broadcasting news to know what was going on in other parts of the world and had never seen rain of this magnitude.)

I can imagine that when Noah begins to get the wood (gargantuan amounts of wood) to build his ark, that everyone around him begins to whisper, “He’s crazy,” “Poor Mrs. Noah…,” “I feel sorry for that family, they should just put their patriarch away privately.”

In my own home when, in the minds of my children, a questionable decision is made by their daddy, the kids come to me—individually and collectively—to plead their cause and express their opinion (and solutions) on the matter. I am certain that Noah’s wife was bombarded with questions, reality checks, and other demands for their mom to go have a rational talk with their dad. Which leads me to KNOW this woman was a strong woman of prayer. How do I come to this conclusion? Because she got on the boat!

When the boat was finished and all the livestock was boarded, I know she had talked with and told her children to, “Follow my lead and just get on the boat!” I don’t know if she was thinking about how she would have to pick up the pieces when the rain didn’t come and her husband’s crazy endeavor failed. All I know for sure is that this woman got on that boat! And the rains came down! And Noah’s passion and insane effort to finish the monstrosity of a boat saved her life and the lives of their children.

I know God promised to never send another flood, but what might He ask you to do for Him that may seem totally ridiculous to all you know?

What may He be asking your husband to do that others may say isn’t the right fit for him or it just isn’t the right timing?

I’m sure that Mrs. Noah did a lot of things as she prepared to board the boat, and I bet that one of those was to ask Noah to tell her again what God had said to him. I believe that she talked constantly to God about it. And I know, because she got on the boat, that she decided to trust God (even by trusting her husband) no matter how foolish others thought they were.

[verse reference=”Isaiah 55:8″]For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.[/verse]

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  1. Dianne Johnson says:

    Great article Robyn!!

  2. Stephanie King says:

    Awesome (as usual) Robyn!!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Thanks for being such a supportive sister. Always reading and encouraging me positively about each article. I love you!

  3. LOVE this post Robyn. Great thinking about Mrs Noah and a healthy challenge to me, too!

    1. Thanks, Barbara. I pray God reminds of us of this challenge when HE asks us to board the boats HE has set in front of us! Love you.

  4. Whew! This article was great, Robyn. It rang several of my bells. It seems like I spend most of my time looking at God thinking “are you SERIOUS??” and the it is revealed later WHY He was telling me to do or not do or wait . . . sigh. Life and marriage is a journey and an unfolding!

    1. Thanks, Allison. I love that God is patient and long suffering! And that HE never forsakes us throughout our journey.

  5. Jennifer Dyer says:

    Wow, Robyn, what a great thought and reminder! There are times when I am the last one to get on the boat around here. As both a follower of God and a wife, I need to keep this in mind. What boat is the Lord asking me to board?