Last Updated on August 15, 2018

There were many logical reasons for my husband and I not to think seriously about adoption. We had three kids…shouldn’t we be thankful for them? We had a teeny-tiny savings account–far from enough to pay for an adoption. My grandmother lived with us–wouldn’t that keep me busy enough? Yet the idea wouldn’t leave my mind. I told God if it was just “me” having the desire to add to our family to take away the desire. The desire didn’t leave. It grew. The desire grew within my husband, too.

We started by trying to adopt from China. We’re still on a waiting list there, but God did a miracle during our wait and brought us a baby girl through a birth mom in the United States. Alyssa has been a joy to us. My older kids adore her. The adoption was costly, but the money came in through amazing ways–just when we needed it. My grandmother still lives with us and she loves having Alyssa here, too. They are best buddies!

There are many, many excuses not to adopt, but if the desire is there here are some suggestions:

  1. Pray. Ask God if adoption is right for your family. Ask Him to show you the right time and the right program.
  2. Talk to your family. Make sure both you and your spouse are in it 100%. I never wanted to nag or talk John into adoption. Instead I believed if it was God’s plan, God would speak to my husband’s heart too.
  3. Get information. The more you know about adoption, the better prepared you’ll be.
  4. Evaluate agencies and funding options. Ask for referrals. Talk to people who’ve gone through the process.
  5. Consider what type of adoption you’re interested in. We have an open adoption with our daughter and we are blessed with a long distance relationship with her birth mom, too.
  6. Trust God. Yes, this is the hardest one, but trust that if God calls you to adoption He will make a way. He’ll connect you with the right child and the right time and provide all you need.

Tonight as I held my sweet footie-pajamaed daughter I’m so thankful God gave us the gift of this child. The challenges seemed huge at times, but she is worth it. I’m so glad both my husband and I were willing to tune in to the beating of God’s heart! How about you?

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  1. I love this article and enjoyed reading it! I am extremely interested in adoption and am trying to gather information from as many resources as I can. I am open to any information you would be willing to offer me.



  2. Meghan Finley says:

    I’d also encourage those thinking about it to consider foster care. It’s made many a family complete and often provides adoption assistance.