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Bieber Fever

Have a fever for some Bieber in your house? Or are you wondering what I am talking about? Justin Bieber — hailed as “Super Boy” in a recent Rolling Stone…

Why is Modesty Important?

Making Chores a Game for Kids

One of the greatest gifts my mom ever gave me was a toilet brush. Okay, so the toilet brush wasn’t gift wrapped, and it was shared with my four siblings….

Grounded Teen = Unpopular Parent

I remember when my daughter was a toddler, and the punishment for disobedience was handed down. I would have a child on my hands who was sad and repentant almost immediately. The…

How to Ruin Your Kid For Life, A Top Ten List

There are all types of lists for parents. If you want a list to ruin your kids forever, here’s a list for you. Give your kid everything he or she wants….

Don’t Just Ask … Keep Asking!

“Mommy, have you seen the blue ball?” little Kellus asked while holding two small, plastic, white and green balls in his hands. “No, Mommy hasn’t seen it,” I replied. Two…

Chris Medina Fan!

American Idol last week … did you watch it? If you didn’t, no matter — all you really need to see is the last five minutes, and that’s on YouTube….

6 Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl with Dannah Gresh

We are thrilled to have Dannah Gresh as a contributing blogger here at MomLife Today. We think this book is wonderful and so helpful in raising our daughters to be the…

Superior Chinese Mother Thoughts

Have you ever been so diametrically opposed to someone else’s viewpoint on something that you literally felt void after absorbing his or her thoughts? As I was reading The Wall…

Why Thank-You Notes Matter

The late legendary advice columnist Ann Landers once said that the majority of the letters she received fell into two categories — agony from a writer whose spouse was having an…


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