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My Stomping Sweetie

My 6-year-old is running away. Apparently I’m the worst mommy ever! And I don’t even know what I did this time! I mean usually I have an inkling … I…

The Martyr Mom

Yesterday I starred in my very own production of Martyr Mom. I’m the only one who does any work around here, I thought. The closing act of my mom drama was…

MomLife MOMents – Growing Pains

When I was three years old I started having “growing pains” in my legs. I spent so many nights in bed, whining while my mom or dad rubbed (and rubbed…

Routine to Radical – Inspiring Our Kids

How can you encourage your kids to go from Routine to Radical? Start small and let them have a win, before you try something bigger.

Lessons in Winning and Losing

by Liwen Y. Ho “You didn’t say Uno Moo!” I watched my four-year-old daughter’s eyes grow wide in horror. Chloe had been one move away from winning the game, but…

Routine to Radical – Have you tried it yet?

One of the definitions of radical is “of, relating to, or proceeding from a root” – wow Moms, read Colossians 2:6-7… “Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so…

Forget Broadway, We’re Aiming for Obedience

We’re a theatrical family but you probably won’t see our names in lights. Our skits would probably bore most people but have been saving my sanity for years. As a…

Go From Routine to Radical

ROUTINE = usual pattern of activity RADICAL = favoring major changes, excellent Which do you want to be?

Routine To Radical

We humans can be such creatures of habit. I think habit may just be where we feel safest. Safe is good.  However, as I look at the life of Jesus…

Breathing In and Breathing Out: Forgiveness

One of the most important topics in my life is forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself … because I fail a lot. Forgiveness of others, because … well … nobody is perfect….


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