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Are You Willing to Die on THAT Hill?

“I can’t get my stepkids to eat healthy foods,” a stepmother shared with me. “When they are at their mom’s house they eat fast food and stuff filled with chemicals….

Death in a Step family

I was in Tyler, Texas getting ready to stand before one thousand women when I got the call from my brother, Mark. “Dad has had a stroke, he is in…

Holidays and the Stepfamily

Sometimes, Christmas in a blended family can appear more like a war zone than the birth of a sacred Savior. The battles between two homes such as gifts, visitation, traditions…

When the Stepkids Are Adults

“I’ve decided to begin some new techniques with my adult stepkids,” stepmom Nancy shared with me. “I sent an email to my step daughter-in-law sharing how I wanted to begin a…

How To Let Minor Things Go So Your Marriage Is Happier

Do you ever find your head spinning around backwards because your spouse does something minor “the wrong way?” Perhaps the way he loads the dishwasher or dresses the kids makes…

Stepfamily Suggestions for Weddings, Graduations and Proms, Oh My!

There’s nothing like a wedding, graduation, prom, or special occasion to get the tension taut in a stepfamily. That’s because dreams, family traditions, and high expectations are tied to these…

The Things This Stepmom Did Right

Recently, my husband and I attended his son’s 40th birthday party. It’s hard to believe he was 11 when Steve and I married. Now he is grown up, with a…

Top Ten Financial Topics to Tackle Before a Remarriage

My husband, Steve, was a banker for 25 years. So when it comes to people and their finances, he has seen it all. His signature statement is, “I spent the first…

Romancing Your Man

It comes down to one simple principle—love your neighbor as you would want to be loved.

Are You Lonely?

The other day I went for a walk with a friend of mine. At some point on the trail she said to me, “This week I have been feeling lonely….


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