Last Updated on July 25, 2018

Yesterday I spent most of the morning in quiet reflection and time with Father God remembering and thanking Him for the ministry over the weekend of MomLife Boot Camp and the many moms we connected with there.

And then… my afternoon revealed unspeakable acts of evil taking place in Boston. What my afternoon also revealed were those in uniform and those compelled to help, running towards the carnage.

Wherever there is evil and darkness, light and God’s love has the power to overcome. This is what we need to remind our children, especially at times like this.

I was drawn to a photo of a woman, hands clasped together, on her knees, eyes lifted heavenward praying fervently; and we moms are to join her there.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what and how much to share with our children when tragedy strikes. Your child may have heard about yesterday’s events at school or from other family members. Start by asking questions about what they do know. The following posts may help you as you process the events of yesterday yourself and help you determine how and what to share with your children. These were written in light of other tragic events but much of what is discussed is applicable today.

Newtown: Light in the Darkness
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