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This life is so often not funny.  There are a thousand things in a week that make me want to weep.  BUT, then something happens that reminds me that there are still so many things that can make me smile,  shake my head and laugh. Here’s one of my latest!

My four year old LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEES our guinea pig, Blaster.  I don’t know that Blaster returns the depth of affection though.

Allison loves to hold Blaster.  Now that she has learned how to hold him without his eyes bugging out, it is a sweet thing rather than something that might require trauma counseling for Blaster.  One of the first times she held Blaster I found her holding him over the potty literally trying to squeeze the stuffing out of the poor thing.  I convinced her that Blaster didn’t need assistance in that area.  She has since let nature take its course.

Our most recent adventure with Blaster was a new look (or two) she created for him.  She had him in the foyer on a blanket surrounded by carrots.  I thought it was so cute.  He seemed happy.  I might have wanted to investigate a little bit more, but I had dinner to make.  I left them for a couple of minutes to turn something on and somehow or another in that tiny interlude, Blaster got a new look.

When I returned to the foyer, Blaster was very VERY shiny.  My cutie had covered him with lip gloss.  And when I say covered… I mean covered.  This is one of those times I really want to know what she was thinking! How did she go from a tube of lip gloss to the guinea pig… well, I guess I’ll never figure that out…

I really should have taken pictures.  Poor guy!  Needless to say he was placed safely in his cage after that. Until…

The following day my 5 year old was doing a craft project with glitter.  Word to the wise… don’t ever EVER buy glitter.  There is NO worthy use for the stuff that warrants the amount of mess it produces.  I had purchased it for a craft I did with my piano students at our Christmas party.  I’m still finding glitter in weird places!

Anywho… Lizzie found my glitter stash because I wasn’t smart enough to throw it away after the party.  The craft project consisted of paper, copious amount of glue, lots and lots of glitter and somehow a very unaware guinea pig.  Oh poor, poor shiny, glittery Blaster.

I need to be a better guinea pig mommy.

Blinging out Blaster… hopefully it won’t happen again, but I sure did get some seriously good laughs out of it.

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  1. Dan Donehey says:

    This story underscores the oft-quoted expression "I don't want to be the guinea pig!" Seems our "life story" is really a collection of short stories that by God's divine plan weave a tale uniquely our own. As with every great novel or screenplay each page holds the potential to make us weep, laugh, shudder with delight or fear and more. I often think children are God's devices prompting us to experience every facet of what it means to be human; to be connected to others at the deepest level. Thanks for another smile. (;-)