Last Updated on March 20, 2018

Too often kids learn about “the birds and the bees” through playground sex ed or from the media. Determined to have my 8-year-old daughter learn the facts from me, I began sharing with the help of a book several months ago.  After we read the book she declared it “the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.”  The conversation was over for the time. Phew …

Recently as we were snuggling before I tucked her in, she began asking a question about passionate kissing.  I explained that this was a way people expressed love to each other and that God designed this passion to be experienced in marriage.  She quickly made the connection to “that disgusting thing we read a book about.”  Yep.  Well, she had enough time to ponder what we had read and had quite a few questions this time. After a lengthy discussion that was beginning to make me squirm (with questions like, “How do you get your underwear off in the dark?”), I concluded with the point that sex was a pleasurable gift from God intended for married couples.

In the dim light, I could see those cognitive wheels a-turning.  “So it’s gross but kinda’ feels good.  Like squishing mud between your toes.”  With supernatural constraint, I barely made it to our bedroom before howling with laughter!

I’m grateful for the open dialog I am able to have with my daughter while she is young.  She still thinks I’m smart and an expert on all of life’s issues.  I pray that our relationship will remain close and open, that I will always be someone she can ask those questions!

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  1. Joyce Carlson says:

    Oh Dear!!! I LOVED this!! I'm am giggling along with you! We, too, have started opening the dialog with 8 yo Evan. I hope it continues to grow as well as yours has with your daughter!
    Thank you for sharing this and giving me a joyful start to my day!

  2. Heather Steinbeck says:

    Okay…I'm glad you lived to tell about it…We got some books too just a few weeks ago and I'm talking to my girl very soon before she hits 5th grade… 🙂
    I would rather it come from me first and that be the filter she runs everything else she will hear through.
    Mud between the toes–that's great! 🙂

  3. Julia DesC says:

    Bet that analogy comes back to you some night…
    I also made it very clear to my daughter that it was the responsibility of her friends' parents to share this lesson with them, NOT HERS! Kind of like the truth about Santa Claus. I was quickly assured that she did not discuss such gross things with her friends.
    Hopefully I'm getting the idea across. But the mud comment makes me wonder…

  4. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! I hope you wrote that one down for her rehearsal dinner toast! That will be one room filled with laughter when you share that one with her hubby to be! Big Hug, Tracey

  5. Jill Lehman says:

    Oh, that is too cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing.