Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer has made a career out of writing and using that gift to uplift others. With over 40 books published she enjoys using real life stories to inspire through fiction and non-fiction. Tricia is the mom of six, three grown children and three adopted little ones – that’ll end up being forty years of parenting know how! As a former teen mom she is now dedicated to reaching out to other teen moms. She is a favored speaker at writing events around the country and on her website Tricia Goyer she shares the inspiration behind her prolific writing career.

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A Passionate-About-Life Man is a Sexy Man

… are you helping your husband follow his dreams? I came upon a realization yesterday as I hugged my husband. I’m a bit rounder than I was when we got…

How to Ruin Your Teens for Life in 11 Easy Steps

Hide your past mistakes. Put on an act that you’re perfect and they’re the ones with all the problems. (After all if your teens hear what you did in your…

Mothering from the Heart

The hardest part of mothering is dealing with you. First, you have to deal with your need to succeed in everyone’s eyes. You don’t want to be “that mother” who…

How to Ruin Your Kid For Life, A Top Ten List

There are all types of lists for parents. If you want a list to ruin your kids forever, here’s a list for you. Give your kid everything he or she wants….

10 Ways to Become a Better Lover by Sundown

Okay, so you wanna know the truth? For women (or at least for me), sex is 99 percent mental. (Okay, not 99 percent but at least 75 percent.) That’s not saying the…

How to Stop the Mom Guilt

I stood slicing cucumbers in the kitchen when my 10-year-old son, Nathan, entered, eyes bright. “Mom, guess what. Colter got four rabbits, and he’s part of a rabbit club. He said…

Danger. Beware. Tablecloths Lurking.

There are some things I forgot in the 16 years between babies, such as the dangers of tablecloths. As soon as Alyssa was old enough to sit in a highchair, she…

The Perfect Mom

I bet if you polled 100 moms, all 100 would say they wished they could be more perfect. That’s what we want. To be the mom who bakes the cookies,…

The Child God Chose for Us

Eleven years ago, I was reading a “Woman’s World” magazine, and one article changed my thoughts on how many children is “enough.” At the time, I thought three was plenty….

Anniversaries are Not for Someday … Celebrate Now!

April 7, 2009, John and I celebrated our 19th anniversary with a cruise to the Bahamas. We’d wanted to go to Nassau on our honeymoon, but we were just kids…


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