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Susan Yates

Susan Yates

Susan Yates has written thirteen books and has spoken nationally and internationally on the subject of marriage, parenting and women’s issues for many years. For 11 years she was a regular columnist on parenting for Today’s Christian Woman magazine. Susan is the mother of five and has 21 grandchildren, including a set of quads. She is devoted to sharing her wisdom and experience with moms and wives on her website, Susan Yates, and is selflessly available to those in need.

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How and Why to Handle Backtalk

Editors Note: Susan, the writer of this post, has been a mom and grandmother for several decades. Her thoughts on this subject are based on experience and years of wisdom….

Are You In a Fog?

Recently I went for a walk in the woods. It was one of those days when the temperature hovered at 32 degrees. Thick mist had settled into the trees intent…

Help! I Feel Like I’m Ruining My Kids.

“I’m the worst mother in the world. I think I’m ruining my kids,” I exclaimed as tears began to cloud my vision. Once again “Miz Edith,” my elderly next-door neighbor,…

The Truck That Loved Ice Cream

When our kids were young we had an old pickup truck. This silly truck had a love for ice cream which seemed to hit at the oddest times. Most often…

Two Thoughts to Avoid

At each season of my life I’ve found myself falling into two traps–mental traps–which are not helpful. One is the “what if” syndrome and the other is the “if only”…

Goodbye House

Earlier this year we learned unexpectedly we needed to move. Yes, saying good bye to our home of 33 years. It was sudden and at the time we didn’t know where we…

“Help, I Don’t Like My Child!”

Ok, right now I just don’t like my child. It’s been a really bad stretch and nothing seems to help. I feel like I am the worst mother in the…

Raising Kids with Character

It is not beauty, education, accomplishments, material possessions, health or significance that will ultimately matter. Each of these can disappear in a second. Our kids come into the world packaged uniquely. You may have one who scores 2400 on her SATS but you may also have a downs syndrome child who will never complete school. Is one more valuable than the other? Your child may be homely, shy, and a very average student. In the world’s eyes he may never be a success. But if nurtured properly he may develop a compassion for others that is life changing and life giving.

Helping Your Kids Understand Strengths and Weaknesses

Your tender-hearted daughter is in tears again, “Mama, Stacy is so mean. She said I can’t be her friend anymore. She likes Amy better than me.” With a sinking heart…

Living With Uncertainty

I imagine each one of us is living with some kind of uncertainty. Uncertainty over a job application, uncertainty about what medical tests will reveal, or how to handle a…


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