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Susan Yates

Susan Yates

Susan Yates has written thirteen books and has spoken nationally and internationally on the subject of marriage, parenting and women’s issues for many years. For 11 years she was a regular columnist on parenting for Today’s Christian Woman magazine. Susan is the mother of five and has 21 grandchildren, including a set of quads. She is devoted to sharing her wisdom and experience with moms and wives on her website, Susan Yates, and is selflessly available to those in need.

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Convicted by a Commerical

Being a “Tarheel” (UNC) basketball fan, I was glued to March Madness. Competition was fierce among friends as we tried to beat each other in the brackets. Watching so many…

Unexpected Gifts

Recently my husband John and I had a weekend speaking engagement. While we love speaking into the lives of others during such events, by the end of the weekend, we…

The Benefits and Challenges of Praying with Your Husband

Years ago before we were married, someone challenged my husband to pray with me every single day of our married life. Being engaged with stars in our eyes, we thought…

Quick Tips for Disciplining Toddlers

“My kids are driving me crazy,” a young mother with toddlers said to me. “My discipline methods don’t seem to work. My children are so strong willed. I am frustrated….

Am I Competing with My Husband?

Over the years, I’ve found it so easy to get myself in the spirit of competing with my husband. When I had little kids, it usually came out when I…

A Day in a Life with Quads

Having spent so much time recently with our daughter Libby, who recently had quads, we thought it would be fun to share with you what her life has been like….

Why Thank-You Notes Matter

The late legendary advice columnist Ann Landers once said that the majority of the letters she received fell into two categories — agony from a writer whose spouse was having an…

Celebrating Spiritual Birthdays

One of the biggest days for parents of young children is their child’s birthday! All over the country, moms go to great lengths to celebrate in a fitting way. One mom…

How to Help Teachers and Caregivers

Back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, adjustments for some kids, a teacher who doesn’t click with your child, and Mom deluged with paperwork … does this sound like your house? Naturally, we…

We’re Having Quads!

No, I’m not having quads! Our daughter Libby is. But when something this big happens, it’s a family thing — a “we” deal. And yes, our emotions have been all…


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