Sue Birdseye

Sue Birdseye

Sue Birdseye is an author and communicator about an “unplanned” life that she has embraced for God’s purposes in her, and her children’s lives. She went from the typical “picket fence life” to being a single mom of 5 and subsequently became completely dependent upon the Lord. Her change of life circumstance has led to a passionate desire to encourage and bless other single moms with the peace and joy she has found – in the midst of her crazy blessed life. She has been active in her community as a foster/adoptive mom and within her church’s discipleship, women’s and children’s ministries.

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Buckets of Battered and Broken Beauty

On our first morning at the beach, my girls and I picked shells — gleefully filling buckets and buckets. All the shells were broken, hardly discernible as shells, but beautiful nonetheless. It…

Single Parenting: An Adventure in Exhaustion

It’s been two years since I became a single mom to five wonderfully lovable and exhausting children. Pretty sure I never really understood exhaustion until now. Oh, I would complain about being tired, but…


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