I’ve been joking about getting a t-shirt that simply says “Bring It.”  I’m totally kidding.  I don’t know that I can handle one more blasted thing! But, Golly!!!  That’s kind of my attitude lately.  It’s more my response to being overwhelmed – a realization that this is my life now and I just gotta live it.

I could make a list that’d fill up more than one notebook, single spaced with the millions of little things I need to do, the thousands of big things I need to figure out, and, dang it, the hundreds of dollars that seem to be flying out of my bank account!    It’s almost laughable – key word being almost.

So far this month I need to replace the sump pump, the garbage disposal, the washing machine and all four tires on my Suburban… yeah, bring it.   My doctor said I might have an auto-immune disease because I’ve been living in “fight or flight” mode for too long – imagine that – I would say, “bring it” but I definitely don’t want that!

This was something I started writing about  6 months ago, since then I can share that in one week I went from looking at thousands of dollars in expenses to hundreds.  God  provided!  I had friends give me a washing machine – it’s the same age (ancient) as my dryer but it’s simply wonderful!!!  The same friends offered me four Suburban tires.  Seriously, who has Suburban tires just sitting around?  Another friend came over and fixed my garbage disposal in like 5 second.  The sump pump…well, I have a new one and that’s pretty awesome.  Plus, I learned how to install it! I will tell you that I was definitely praising God A LOT!

Now flash forward to now…here I am AGAIN…. Need serious work done on both our cars – one has 180,000 miles on it and one is 22 years old; lots of medical expenses – dental, vision, general; my littlest girls need learning assessments and very expensive tutoring; and there are so many school expenses and a fair share of home repairs.   And, on top of that, I’m being a complete goof and already worrying about college next fall.

In the midst of my financial freak out, I remembered six months ago.  I remembered that God provided.  He did it unexpectedly and definitely in His timing.  I wish it wasn’t so easy to worry. When I think about it, I can’t think of single good thing that comes from my anxiety…nadda.

I guess I can have a “bring it” attitude because I know that God’s got my back.  I know that no matter what happens today or tomorrow or 10 years down the road God will take care of me in the best way and at just the right time.  It doesn’t matter if it’s finances, health or parenting issues…it doesn’t matter if it is friends, family or church issues…it doesn’t matter what it is, God’s got it.  So bring it.  Cause as soon as I get it, I’m bringing it to the Cross.

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  1. Again, an excellent post with points we all need to hold on to. Praying for you all~