Last Updated on August 30, 2013

Ever felt like God was asking you to do something that simply seemed crazy?  Maybe a bit unexpected?  Actually that might be a silly question.  God seems to always be asking us to do things that take us WAAAAAAYYYYY out of our comfort zones.  I’ve even heard that if you feel led to do something a bit unusual, it’s probably a God-thing.

Recently as I was sitting at my son’s school assembly, I began to feel something quite unexpected.  I was waiting for him to be presented with his Birthday Book certificate.  I’d donated a book to the school library in honor of his birthday.  When I filled out the form I wrote that the book was from Mom and then listed all his siblings.

Before he even received it, I was dreading hearing them read off those names minus one very important one.  It struck me that maybe I should have included his father on that list.  Technically he had nothing to do with it, but I believe it would have been a really cool thing to do for my son – totally a lost opportunity to bless him.

Tomorrow is his birthday and I’m planning on taking him out for dinner after school.  Can’t wait!  His father just texted me to ask about a good time to give him his present.  I decided to go for it and be the woman I want to be even if I wasn’t totally “feeling” it.  I invited him to have dinner with us.  After I extended the invitation, I felt such peace even as I anxiously tried to think of what a dinner with my ex-husband and our 5 children would look and feel like.   Despite my trepidation, it was the right thing to do.

Years ago, I read a great book by Watchman Nee entitled, Sit, Walk, Stand.  He told the story of a farmer whose neighbor kept stealing water from his irrigation system.  Each time the “good” neighbor would fix the system, the “bad” neighbor would divert it back into his own yard.   Frustrated, the “good” neighbor sought the advice of his fellow Christian brothers.  Their response was unexpected and quite challenging.  They told him that doing what is expected is not the Christian way.  Being like Jesus means doing more than what is expected.  The following day the “good” neighbor went out and watered his neighbor’s yard for him.  He them watered his own yard.  The “bad” neighbor was astonished.  And in a short time, he too became a Christian.  All because someone did what was unexpected.


*** Updated *** I pray that God will give me the ability to do more than what is expected or understandable.  I’m thankful I went with the Holy Spirit’s prompting – absolutely wouldn’t have been an idea I initiated. Dinner ended up just being my kids and me.  Maybe someday we will get to the point where we can all enjoy a meal together – now that would be unexpected!

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  1. I have also read the book by Watchman Nee, and I highly recommend it. Great resource!

  2. Sue,

    Sorry to hear your dinner invitation didn’t work out, I am glad you had the courage to extend the invitation!