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Laura Petherbridge

Laura Petherbridge

Laura Petherbridge is an international speaker and author of, When ‘I Do’ Becomes ‘I Don’t’, The Smart Stepmom, 101 Tips for The Smart Stepmom, Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul. She has appeared at/on the Billy Graham Center, Family Talk (Dobson), Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman, FamilyLife, Lifeway, and Moody Broadcasting. Laura has been a featured expert on the DivorceCare DVD series implemented in over 60,000 churches worldwide. In addition to the US, she has spoken in South Africa, Australia, and Canada. Laura and Steve live in Atlanta, Ga, and have been married for 35 years. She has two stepsons, daughters-in-law, and grandkids. She may be reached at

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Mother and Daughter — When Roles Reverse

My mom and I live in different cities in Florida, but our hometown is near Buffalo, N.Y. Neither of us enjoy the cold weather anymore; however, a special family birthday…

Two Grandmas

Twenty-five years ago, my two stepsons were 11 and 13 when their dad and I got married. To them, I have always been “Stepmother” or “my dad’s wife,” which is…

When V-Day is D-Day

“I hate Valentine’s Day,” the middle-aged woman sadly shared with me. “Why?” I responded. “At my office, I have to spend the entire day watching the other women receive flowers…

What’s Your Price Tag?

Just before Christmas while opening the mail, I reviewed the tax statement in the pile. “Pitiful,” I whispered to myself as I saw the small amount of money I’d made…

Conquering Holiday Hassles — Part 2

Please welcome back Dr. Laura Petherbridge, who has for several years poured her life into teaching and ministering to families worldwide. Today we continue her post from yesterday — Conquering…

Conquering Holiday Hassles Part 1

When I was a child, Christmas Eve was an elaborate event in my dad’s Italian family. For that special night, my Nana prepared an exceptional menu of meats, fish, pastas,…


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