Last Updated on March 20, 2018

In the ’70s, there was a wildly popular song by Roberta Flack entitled, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. It has a soothing melody and lovely lyrics. However, it wasn’t until my niece Melissa was born that I fully understood how one glance at someone’s face could transform your life.

I was completely unprepared for the rush of emotions and overwhelming love that flooded my heart when I saw her precious little face for the first time. Although hospital glass separated us, nothing could prevent the indescribable bond that occurred. I remember whispering to myself, “I didn’t realize you could fall in love with someone in two seconds. This child could commit murder and I would still love her.”

Five years later, her sister Maria was born. She was the exact image of her dad, my brother, when he was a baby, complete with gorgeous brown eyes and rosy cheeks. The “crazy instant love” thing I experienced with her older sister happened again, but this time I was a bit more prepared.

On Melissa’s 12th birthday, I was fondly remembering that sweet moment when I first gazed upon her face. (Confession: the teen years when she became an “alien” did put the unconditional love factor to the test.) And even though it was her birthday, it was I who received a unexpected gift.

As I pondered limitless love, the Lord supernaturally pressed a blessing upon my heart and mind. Laura, that instant feeling of all-consuming love that you felt for Melissa when you first looked at her — that’s how I feel every time I look at you.

It took my breath away. I was awestruck by the “press” of lavish love I felt pouring over my mind, my soul, my life. The Creator of the universe has chosen to love me, little Laura from Lockport, N.Y.!! And although I had known the theology of this truth for many years, I had never before felt so completely loved, accepted, and safe as I did at that moment.

It was life-changing.

Melissa is now 28 and Maria is 24, and their beautiful faces still bring me much joy. However, no matter how many years pass, I’ll never forget the moment when my heavenly Daddy revealed that my face makes Him smile.

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