Laura Petherbridge

Laura Petherbridge

Laura Petherbridge, known as “The Smart StepMom” serves couples and single adults with topics on spiritual growth, relationships, stepfamilies, co-parenting, single parenting, divorce prevention, and divorce recovery. She travels extensively to speak into he lives of others and writes for many online and print publications including the Billy Graham Training Center, LifeWay, Moody Broadcasting, Today’s Christian Woman, Crosswalk, to name a few. Her heart of compassion and ability to offer practical wisdom and heartfelt comfort has allowed her life serving others to remain a focus of her praying heart. Laura and her husband Steve, have been married since 1986.

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How to Help a Stepmom on Mother’s Day

I have never expected my two stepsons to acknowledge me on Mother’s Day. They have a mother—it is not me. She is the one who deserves their time, attention and…

When the Night Isn’t Silent: Christmas in a Stepfamily

“I’m struggling to know what to do about the upcoming holidays,” Vicky, a stepmom of two years shared. “My husband has two children from a previous marriage that are 11…

Trash Talking

I once had a stepmom say to me, “You know, every time I go to my stepson’s baseball game the biological mom makes it very obvious that she does not…

10,000 Stepfamily Days

My husband recently woke up with a smile, “Happy 10,000 days!!” Steve beamed. “What?” I inquired, still groggy. “We met 10,000 days ago today. Happy anniversary,” He replied. My husband…

Stepmom Perks

There are times when being a stepparent can serve as an advantage.  Children will sometimes share things with a stepparent that they will not disclose to a mom or dad….

The “Normal” Step Family

Recently, while in an airport I overheard two women discussing someone they know who is part of a step family. I wasn’t trying to listen, but they were right next…

Unconditional Love

No one has ever loved me like my husband does. I’m not sure why, I only know that Steve’s love for me overlooks my flaws, my tendency to be critical,…

Stompin’ On the Stepmonster

You would think after 26 years as a step mother there wouldn’t be anything new to learn. Wrong. It all began when we decided to update our last will and…

Weddings and the Step family

“My step daughter and I have had a great relationship for over 12 years,” the woman shared. “She is planning her wedding, and I assumed I would be included. But…

Are You Willing to Die on THAT Hill?

“I can’t get my stepkids to eat healthy foods,” a stepmother shared with me. “When they are at their mom’s house they eat fast food and stuff filled with chemicals….


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